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How To Paint Clouds - Interior Paint

Updated on August 11, 2011
How to Paint Clouds - Home Interior
How to Paint Clouds - Home Interior | Source

Hello Everyone :)

Well, I want to show you how to paint realistic looking clouds for your interior home.

Whether its Painting a bedroom for a child, or living room, ceiling or any part of your house.

I will give you a step by step guide on using your money wisely and doing this yourself.

Plus, I am showing my own original pictures of my very first time painting clouds for my sons room.

I hope you enjoy my article and thanks for stopping by :)


How I got Started and My Personal Cost

Here's My Story:

Well, I am currently on a very tight budget,and I wanted to paint my sons room, it was in dire need of paint and a little sheet rocking work that needed to be done. So without any money, I had decided to call my aunt to see if she had any extra paint. Amazingly she did! She gave me lots of blue shades, and white and beige shades of color, and she also gave me a paint roller and paint tray as well :) So I decided to ask my son. What are we going to do with Blue and white paint? His idea was " Clouds," and I thought Wow !! That is a great idea, So off I went to searching on the net, on how to paint clouds? Since I personally have never done it before, not having a clue as to how to make a cloud and also being on a tight budget, buying was absolutely out of the question.

So My cost for this project Was ZERO $0.00 However, if you are to do this yourself and buy the paint the cost would be for One gallon of paint and two small quarts of paint depending on the type of paint you buy it can easily cost you allot of money, you can buy a paint tray with a roller and small sponge brushes for about 3.00, sometimes stores have mixed paints that people have rejected and you can get discounted paint as cheap as Seven dollars a gallon, and two dollars a quart.

Items I used

Items I used in this project:

  • Paint Tray
  • Paint roller
  • Paint brush
  • 1 Washcloth
  • 1 Sock
  • 1 gallon of paint ( sky blue )
  • 2 quarts of paint ( Light beige or a very light sand color, and glossy white(trim paint) )

So now after doing some research, seeing how to make these clouds, I could not afford to buy sponges and all these special items..So I painted the entire room sky blue first. Then what I did is this: I first decided the type of clouds I wanted to make, lots of choices from:

  • real clouds or
  • drawn out patterned clouds

Different styles and patterns. Then you have to decide if you want them everywhere or just up high, or even if you want them on the ceiling.

I personally decided to put them up high on the walls, Not on the ceiling thinking later down the road I might want to paint a Tree Murial for the kids or something else.

for making the clouds I also decided that I wanted real looking clouds as well.

So instead of a sponge, I decided to use a washcloth and later also used the inside of a nice fluffy cotton white sock.

How to Paint Clouds - Interior Painting
How to Paint Clouds - Interior Painting | Source

How to Paint the Clouds

To get started:

You may want to get a piece of cardboard, to test out your types of clouds you want to paint. You can even do this on wood or any thing that you can paint on to test it out first.

Then after practicing a bit. You will want to use a pencil to outline your clouds on the wall, just to prevent repetitive patterns or making mistakes of too large or too small of clouds as well, also spacing and to give you an idea of what its going to look like before you begin.

This is a very fun Project, and you can also include your children on this project as well and have them paint their own cloud.

In the photo above towards the right one of my sons painted a sun.. its a circle with dots all around it.. LOL I kinda thought it looked like a turtle Ha!!

OK, Now here are some tips and suggestions on "How to Paint Clouds"

  • I used two different colors of paints to bring some highlights and depths to the clouds.
  • So first I took the very very light beige or sand paint. 
  • I took my washcloth and crinkled it into a circle and using basically my thumb, I sponge painted them. making circular patterns, light and dark and highlight the tops more than the bottoms into clouds first.
  • You kinda want them to be faded and see through.
  • You want to do alot of circular sponge painting  and smudges
  • Then  I gave them all time to dry
  • Then I took my very white paint, with gloss and highlighted the tops of the clouds mainly.
  • and i want to point out that at the bottoms of my clouds i decided to make them more flat or a straighter light to give some depth to the clouds. as well.
  • Its hard to make mistakes because basically your just sponge painting.
  • you can pretty much use any kind of cloth, hence i also used a sock as well to show a little different of impressions but sponges or really anything can work on this project as well.
  • Now if you mess up, you can always paint over it back with the blues and start again. But i would definitely suggest a little practice first :))

How to Paint Clouds - Interior Paint
How to Paint Clouds - Interior Paint | Source

Advice on Painting Clouds - Reminders

  • Test painting clouds on a piece of cardboard
  • Painting in two colors brings depth to clouds
  • Flattening bottoms of the clouds to strait lines also brings more of a depth look
  • Suggestions: buy a clear spray to paint over the clouds once the painting is done.
  • Have Fun!
  • Good LUCK!!!

Tatouage Cloud Murials


I truly hope you enjoyed my article on "How to Paint Clouds - Interior Paint " It was My very First Experience, and I wasn't sure I could do it, However, it turned out great to me and my kids Loved it! I figured if I wouldn't have tried, then I would never know. But i have learned in life, some things are worth trying!! and it was fun!! and it did turn out great. 

So I hope you try this, and see how it will turn out for you!! I hope you enjoyed my photos :))

Just follow the Butterfly



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