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How To Paint a Laminate Countertops

Updated on January 25, 2012
Paint your kitchen countertops to spruce up your kitchen.
Paint your kitchen countertops to spruce up your kitchen. | Source

Laminate countertops are an affordable decorating options for many homeowners. Some homeowners consider Formica to be a synonymous term for laminate. While Formica is a name brand type of laminate, making these directions apply regardless if you call your countertops laminate or Formica. Sprucing up the kitchen does not necessarily call for new counters, simply changing the color on them are all that is necessary to freshen up the look of the room. Just changing the color of your laminate countertops, oftentimes will work miracles and make the whole kitchen look updated. As long as the laminate surfaces are in good condition, it is possible to paint them and change the color.

Painting Countertops

Remove all items from the countertops.

Protect the kitchen cabinets, appliances and floor with drop cloths. Use low tack masking tape to protect areas that cannot be covered with a drop cloth.

Open a window for ventilation and make sure the air temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wrap 1000-grit sandpaper around a hard rubber sanding block.

Sand the countertops until you remove the shiny surface.

Vacuum the sanding dust off the countertops with a shop vac or the upholstery attachment attached to a vacuum hose.

Add warm water to a bucket and a squirt of grease fighting liquid dish soap. Stir to blend the soap and water.

Submerge a rag or sponge into the soapy water and wring out the excess soapy water.

Wipe the countertops to remove grease, oils and dirt from the counters.

Wet a second rag with plain, warm water. Wipe the counters to remove the soap residue.

Dry the countertops with a microfiber rag.

Pour specially formulated countertop paint into a painter’s tray.

Attach a ¼ inch nap roller to roller handle.

Dip a high quality china bristle paint brush into the countertop paint.

Paint the edges of the countertop where it meets the backsplash, walls or appliances along the edge and approximately 2 to 3 inches away.

Roll the ¼ inch nap roller through the countertop paint.

Knock the excess paint off on the painter’s tray lip.

Roll the first coat of paint back and forth in a “V” pattern over the surface of the laminate countertop until the entire counter is covered by the first coat.

Allow the paint to dry for four to six hours.

Apply a second coat of paint using the same technique as the first coat. If the paint doesn’t look like it solidly covered the countertop, add a third coat after allowing the surface to dry for four to six hours.

Let the countertop paint dry for 72 hours before using the countertops.

Countertop Painting Tip

Specially formulated countertop paint comes as one color that the paint store adds a tint to make the color you want. There are several colors from which to choose


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