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How To Prevent A Home Invasion

Updated on August 25, 2011

Home Invasion Statistics:

In 2009 there were 1,665,199 home invasions reported in the United States (according to the FBI). That is one scary number. This statistic includes only private residences which were hit by either robbery or burglary.

If commercial or non-occupied residences were included this number grows to over 2.3 million.

So if you own a home or a commercial property knowing how to protect yourself and your property should be a serious concern. Securing your home or office is a big part of your overall self defense protection plan.

You see many of us think self defense is only important when you are outside in a strange environment. The truth is self defense includes what you do to defend your home as well. Most of us are in our homes at least 10 hours out of every day. We rely on our homes for our primary level of self for over 40% of our lives. The great news is there are plenty of ways to beef up your home security.

But before you do anything to secure your home you need to assess your home’s security weak points.

Self Defense Protection Burglary Test:

If you have kids who are old enough one fun way to do this is to offer $50 bucks to them if they can get into the house when they are locked out without using a key. You will very quickly find some weak points. Oh and the 50 bucks might get them to divulge the way they sneak in and out of the house undetected (a nice added bonus for us worrying parents).

You can also do this yourself. Just remember to take is seriously. You can find some pretty big problems very quickly and without paying any security company any money.

Here is a list of common points of entry used by burglars:

  • Back doors
  • Garage Doors (the one you pull your car through)
  • Exterior Garage Door (the one that goes from your side yard into your garage)
  • Interior Garage Door (the one that goes from inside your house to inside your garage)
  • Side Yard and Backyard Windows
  • Doors with built in windows or with windows one either side
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Front Doors

Here are some things to look for by category:


Use a quality lock, if it is getting old or loose replace it, it’s a cheap fix compared to the cost of a burglary.

Always have dead bolts on exterior doors. Don’t trust one of those door chains they are a deterrent not a real solution.

Install a peep hole in your front door instead of having a window in or around it. This is much safer and more secure.

Make sure sliding glass doors are properly installed. Many contractors or do it yourselfers install these doors backwards so that a burglar can simply lift the door out of its track and remove it completely without having to worry about the lock.


Make sure the locks on your windows are working properly. Never leave your house with your window open unless it is in an open but locked position (even then you are taking some risk).

If you do not have locks on your windows or can’t afford to replace them you can use a small wooden dowel in the sliding track to keep it from opening (this only works on horizontally sliding windows).

A dowel can also be made to lock a sliding glass door (many sliding glass doors have flimsy locks.

Garage Doors:

If you have an automatic garage door the motor should keep it from being opened from the outside, but if the motor has gone out or you don’t have a opener you can lock it using the built in lock if it has one.

Unfortunately many garage doors made today are built to be used with an automatic opener and do not have external locks. To fix this you can slide a metal bar or dowel through a hole in the sliding track to keep it from moving.

Fixing the Problems:

The great news is that you can increase your level of self defense protection and home security for a small amount of money.

You can get almost everything you need at a hardware store. Dowels are cheap…around $10 worth of dowels would lock every window in your house. A cheap price for peace of mind.

Locks are a little more but are well worth it.

Go out and do this stuff. You’ll sleep better knowing you and your family are secure.

If you want to learn more about self defense and some brutally effective hand to hand combat techniques checkout or my blog at

Stay Smart and Stay Safe,

Bob Pierce



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