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How To Re-Cut Drywall Texture Comb Tools - Make Them Last Longer

Updated on September 15, 2017

Purchased Drywall Texture Comb Tools? Better Value. Save Money

By Dale Ovenstone January 2012

Forget the hopper to lay your mud on the wall or ceiling, use a paint roller instead.

Drywall texture 'mud' artistic comb tools are quite expensive, they are not cheap especially when you purchase sets of comb tools directly from the UK, or anywhere else for that matter, but the effects are amazing for any hobbyist or diy practitioner to do your own drywall comb effects and patterns onto the ceilings and walls inside your home.

Here is an article showing you how you can re-cut your drywall texture comb tools to make them last much longer thus, saving you money too.

Whereas each hand held comb tool is to be cut to the correct dimensions & sizes, be packaged once ordered & shipped worldwide all over the United States of America, Canada, Europe & the rest of the world to every customer who buys them.

Even though these specialist hand held drywall texture mud finish tools work out quite pricey once looked after properly, cleaned & stored well, they simply last for ages, job after job, ceiling and wall after ceiling and wall!

As you may know the benefits of using such tools to create the most amazing & unique 3 d effect fan and shell drywall texture patterns and finishes onto your ceilings & walls are well realized once you have your own set of comb tools.

Want to see some samples? Just type in ‘comb tools drywall texture patterns’ into youtube for instance!

This article tells you a little more about drywall texture combs & focuses on how you can make your money spread wider once you've purchased your own set by re-cutting your hand held texturing tools. Herein, I will show you how.

Drywall texture tools are usually sold in a set of three if purchased from the link below, 1 x 10” 1 x 6.5” & finally 1 x 3.5”

They also come in either a set of 3 standard serrated combs, or, you can buy a set of mixed, consisting of 1 x 10” standard & 2 x smaller rose combs.

The 10” comb is the standard, for creating the larger fan or shell or oyster pattern or basket weave, especially if you have a large ceiling, but obviously this is only a guideline, this is not set in stone, as you can use any of the combs to create any patterns onto ceilings or walls of your choice.

The combs are created & made from 2 different materials. The first is the wooden handle, the batten, which you hold in your hand & the second piece that finishes the comb off is made from a kind of flexible sturdy plastic material.

Now usually, the wooden handle almost never wears out, but over time, the plastic piece will surely fade, as you do have to apply a certain amount of pressure when drawing the tool through the applied texture on your surface, eventually, over time & many ceilings, making your pattern less standing out as you view it, thus, before this article it used to be time to go get another comb because the idea is to make your finished texture pattern bold to the eye.

But not now I will show you a way to re-cut that little plastic piece enabling you to get depth back into your pattern & save you money for longer even though I offer a set of templates for whoever has not had any combs as of yet, just download this book of instructions & templates enabling you to make your very own sets of 3 from scratch!

When you receive your combs directly to your address the first thing you must do (once you’ve unpackaged them) is to get yourself a piece of flimsy cardboard (the paper type) then, laying the plastic patterned edge of the tool onto the card, carefully trace with a pen around the actual pattern (which is already cut into the plastic) from the comb to the cardboard. By doing this, it ensures the pattern shape is cut to the correct dimensions onto the card ready for you to re-cut your plastic material later on when your comb wears down a little too much for you to use. This is very important, especially when you want to re-cut the ‘standard’ type pattern, as if this is not cut to the correct spec, your finished drywall textured pattern will more than likely turn out a right old mess to the eye of the beholder.

Finally, when you are ready to re-cut your worn down comb just stick this card onto the edge of the plastic material of your comb using sticky tape, then carefully, with stout scissors, cut away at the plastic by following the outline already there which you marked onto the card when you first obtained your comb tools. I hope this helps you please do let me know.

For the kit to make your own please check out this link

And for the actual combs & information comb pattern DVD’s these can be viewed here

I hope you enjoyed this article I would love to hear your views, so would you kindly leave me your input in the comment boxes below. If you require any drywall texture finish help or information please do contact me.

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All the best!

Regards Dale Ovenstone


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    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      4 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you DDE. I sell the comb tools ready made, and ship many to the states, just wanted to make sure folk get even better value for money, by re-cutting the plastic edges once they wear down

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      How To Re-Cut Re-Design Drywall Mud Texture Comb Tools-Make Them Last Longer a well advised and informative hub

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      Hey Mike thanks for your response.

      All the best. Dale

    • Teddletonmr profile image

      Mike Teddleton 

      6 years ago from Midwest USA

      I do not own the tools discussed above however, I did find the topic interesting.

      Be well and make it a great day. Mike

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      Hi Teddletonmr thank you for your comment.

      I don't know if you own the actual set of combs purchased from the link, this method works with them as they are made from a cut-able material.

      Hope your doing well.

      Regards Dale

    • Teddletonmr profile image

      Mike Teddleton 

      6 years ago from Midwest USA

      I had no idea of doing recutting a dry-wall texture comb in this manor. Good tip for keeping dry-wall texturing tools working better and lasting longer.

      Thanks for the tip, happy mudding. Mike


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