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How To Remove Moss from a Paver Patio

Updated on February 7, 2012
Moss grows in between pavers on a patio.
Moss grows in between pavers on a patio. | Source

Homeowners install pavers to form a long lasting and durable patio in yards and gardens. Paver patios offer the homeowner a perfect place to host parties, entertain a few friends or just sit and relax. Pavers come in a wide variety of styles, colors and prices to fit into any outdoor décor and any budget. Patios that are located in a shady area that is prone to dampness are at risk of moss growth. Moss typically begins growing in between the pavers and spreads outward onto the surface of the pavers, which severely detracts from the beauty of the patio. If left to grow, some species of moss with take over and leave ugly stains on the paver surface. Many times, algae grows in conjunction the moss and leaves a slimy look and feel to the stone surface. Removing the moss will restore the look and visual appeal to your patio making it an area you can once again enjoy.

Removing the Moss

Choose a commercially available moss and algae killer. Manufacturers make either an organic or chemical formulation. Moss and algae killers come as a powder that is mixed with water or as a ready to use formula. Many moss and algae killers have an attachment that fits onto a standard garden hose, which makes treatment and removal easier than other types of applications.

Lay a tarp over flowers, plants and tress you wish to keep. Moss and mildew killers don’t differentiate between the plants you like and the ones you are looking to get rid of.

Remove the top of the moss and algae killer bottle. Twist the bottle onto the end of a garden hose.

Turn the water on and spray the areas on the pavers that have moss growth.

Let the moss and algae killer sit on the surface of the pavers from anywhere from 4 hours to overnight depending on the manufacturer and type of moss killer you have chosen. Chemical moss and algae killers typically require less time to kill the offending plants.

After allowing the moss and algae killer to remain on the surface for the amount of time indicated by the manufacturer, scrub the mossy areas with a stiff bristle push broom.

Twist a high pressure nozzle onto a garden hose and set the nozzle to its highest pressure setting.

Aim the spray at the patio to wash away moss and algae.

Let the patio air dry. After it has completely dry, spray the surface a second time with the moss and algae killer to prevent the moss from growing back.

To keep moss and algae from taking root in between your pavers and on the surface, apply a penetrating stone sealer. Sealer won’t allow the moss to take hold in tiny crevices and small cracks.


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