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How To Repair Carpet Holes and Tears

Updated on July 19, 2012

Sometimes a house full of pets and beautiful carpets don’t quite mix.

At one time we had a hamster that kept escaping from the tunnels that extended out of his house. When he was loose he had a tendency to chew up the carpet in an attempt to build a nest he could burrow into.

I’ve never wanted to declaw our cat because of the pain cats experience so the cat’s claws have really played havoc with our furniture and carpeting.

But the biggest culprit is our Jack Russell Terrier. When we got the dog we had a rabbit living in our basement. Once Twinkle got the scent she would attempt to claw right through the floor to get downstairs to her. In the fall when the mice try to get inside from the cold, we see the dog and cat both staring longingly at the stove and piano. They are fantasizing about the furry creatures lurking behind them. Once again, Twinkle will claw right through the carpet in an attempt to get behind furniture.

As a result, I’ve learned how to repair our carpet knowing full well that this house won’t see new carpeting until after the pets have gone to pet heaven. I must say that I’ve gotten very good with practice.

Below are the steps I follow to repair unsightly holes, pulls etc. in my carpet.

1. Remove the damaged area by cutting out the section with a utility knife. I use a ruler to ensure the cuts are straight. This will make it easier to match the seams later on. Cut through the carpet but do not cut through the padding below. Lift out the damaged piece.

2. Use the piece from step 1 as a pattern and cut out another piece from a saved remnant. Make sure that you match pile direction. Check to ensure that the new piece matches. Trimming may be needed.

3. Vacuum the hole so that your carpet adhesive will stick.

4. Apply carpet adhesive to the floor and the back of the new piece.

5. Apply seam sealer to the edges. (later on, when the seam sealer dries it will be invisible)

6. Press the new piece into place, then brush the pile with your fingertips until you no longer see the seams

7. Dry for 3 to 5 hours before vacuuming. I always set a large cinderblock on top to ensure it dries flat

repaired carpet - wa la!  no holes
repaired carpet - wa la! no holes


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