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How To Replace A Broken UPVC Window Catch.

Updated on September 14, 2013

Broken Window Catch?

Over time your lockable PVCu window catches will begin to fail. Recently I have had to replace 2 catches to windows of what was a new house 13 years ago. So if yours are of a similar age then you may well need to start thinking about replacing any catches which have become loose at the locking point or have simply failed completely making it impossible to either open or lock the catch.

It is a very simple task and will secure your windows preventing break in. In my book there is no substitute for good security and this starts with good well fitted and secure locks to windows and doors.

PVCu Window catch at Toolstation
PVCu Window catch at Toolstation | Source

How To Replace A Broken Catch.

So you decide to take my advice and replace a dodgy or broken catch. The tools you will need are nothing more than a cross head screwdriver, flat screwdriver, possibly a hacksaw and a vice.

You may wonder why a hacksaw and a vice for a straightforward job such as changing a window catch. The truth is that the 2 catches I have replaced needed the bar cutting down to fit as window thicknesses do vary. No fear though this is very straight forward and it is as simple as measuring the length of the bar of the old broken catch and cutting the new bar to the same size.

Wickes PVCu Window Catch - Medium Product Code: 179746
Wickes PVCu Window Catch - Medium Product Code: 179746 | Source

5 Easy Steps To Replace A Window Catch

  1. Remove the screw cover of the old catch
  2. Unscrew the top screw
  3. Twist the handle to reveal the 2nd screw and remove
  4. Pull off the old handle
  5. Fit the new handle.

If The New Catch Does Not Fit.

It will probably be because the bar needs cutting to size .Follow the steps below -;

  1. Measure the old bar
  2. Cut to size using a hacksaw with the new handle clamped in a vice.
  3. Recheck and fit to window
  4. Refitting is the reverse of the above

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How Much Should I Pay?

Prices do vary quite a lot for replacement catches. I paid less than £5 for mine and the 2 which I show in the pictures are both available in store and online at Toolstation and Wickes DIY Stores in the UK.

Most large DIY stores will sell these types of catches along with catalogue stores such as Screwfix Direct.


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