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How To Set Up A Automatic Watering System Without Putting In A Traditional Sprinkler System

Updated on February 15, 2018


You can set up an automatic watering system for your lawn, garden, flower bed or any other area you want to water without the need to set up a traditional automatic watering system. You will not need to dig holes, put pipes together or any of that hassle. Using a few simple easy to get items you can set one up easily. You can find many of the items you will need right on this page so you can get set up quickly.

Items You Will Need

Sprinklers that can be connected together with a hose


Hose Timer

Step One

If you have not already get the needed supplies. You can get them from the Amazon links on this page or at your local garden center or home improvement store.

Step Two

Connect the hose timer to your faucet. Follow the manufacturers instructions

Step Three

Connect the hose to the hose timer. You can connect the hose to the hose timer first but it may be easier to connect the hose timer to the faucet first.

Step Four

Connect the first sprinkler to the other end of the hose and place it where you want it.

Step Five

Connect another hose to the other connector on the sprinkler.

Step Six

Connect another sprinkler to the free end of the hose you just connected.

Step Seven

Repeat the process if you want more sprinklers. If it is the last one cap off the other end of the sprinkler so water does not leak out. You can add as many sprinklers as you want but the more you have the less water pressure you will have so keep that in mind.

Step Eight

Set your hose timer following the manufacturers instructions.


Now your system should be on auto pilot. You may want to keep an eye on it and be sure to make adjustments and repairs as necessary. Don't forget to move the hose around on lawns so your lawn does not turn yellow.


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