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How To Showcase Your Property To Enchant Buyers, Part 2

Updated on January 28, 2010

Making sure that all moving parts inside and outside your home do not creak or stick is incredibly important and a factor that many home sellers neglect. Make sure everything from shutters to doors to cabinet drawers work smoothly and quietly and that all locks and doorknobs function perfectly.

The kitchen and the bathrooms are the primary selling points of a home and are the best places to spend the majority of your improvement dollars. Although it is true that you can negatively impact the value of a home by over improving bathrooms and kitchens, as long as you do not go to outrageous extents, you will usually get two to four dollars back in increased sale price for every dollar you spend improving a kitchen or a bathroom.

If you do not have the budget or the wherewithal to remodel these rooms, there are various improvements that you can make that are much more affordable. If these rooms suffer from fogged windows and sweating tanks, install exhaust fans to circulate air. Any areas which have come into contact with water and are rotting or mildewy should be repaired properly. If a bathtub is cracked or chipped, you may be able to have it relined at the fraction of the cost of a new tub. Make sure that all tile is properly and cleanly grouted. If you have an older stove, refrigerator or dishwasher, consider replacing them with new models, preferably stainless steel. Avoid one piece ceramic cooktops like the plague: The wise buyer knows that they are a nightmare to clean and every little spill bakes on. Make sure your range hood is sparkling and has a brand new clean filter. Also remember to take all the magnets and kid's artwork off the fridge!

If your house has a basement, make sure that it does not have that musty damp underground smell, and no signs of water seepage or cracked foundations show. Clean the HVAC system and replace all the filters. In the garage, use a cleaning fluid to remove any oil stains on the floor, and get rid of all that junk! Make sure that the garage door openers work properly and that all lights inside and out function correctly.

You should always let the market value of comparables set your price, not your pride or expectations. Sellers often have an expectation of what their property will fetch on the market which is unrealistic to say the least, and in some cases completely outrageous. When they look around at their home they are vividly aware of the expenditures, labour and time involved in maintaining that property over the years and demand a return on their investment which can sometimes be wholly unrealistic. This fundamental error of judgement by many sellers can be extremely expensive, as buyers will shun properties which are overpriced as they can purchase comparables for less, or spend the same money and get a lot more house for their dollar. The traffic to properties which are not priced competitively tends to be light to non-existent, thus the cost is keeping away the buyers who should be considering the seller's property but aren't... since they can't get past that large dollar figure in the real estate agency ad.

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