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How To Showcase Your Property To Enchant Buyers, Part 3

Updated on January 28, 2010

Properties that are over-priced fester on the market for frustrating amounts of time, and when the seller is finally convinced by the Realtor to drop the price, the stigma of telegraphing to buyers that the seller started off too greedy can sour the potential of a successful transaction. Buyers invariably pitch lowball offers and tend to be inflexible and miserly in these situations. A skilled, veteran Realtor can conduct an exhaustive analysis of the properties in the property's area which are comparable to it, and provide a suggested sale price that is not only realistic, but precisely in tune with the current state of the ever changing North American real estate market. Remember that although many regions of the United States and Canada are currently in the doldrums this is not the first trough that the real estate market has experienced in our lifetimes. Some markets in Canada for example are already booming again! Things can turn around very quickly in the real estate field!

Try to select a Realtor with a clear marketing plan for your home. A great number of sellers decide to list their properties with the Realtor who convinces them that they can obtain the highest price. Unless that bravado is backed up by a comprehensive, powerful, and implementable marketing plan as well as years of experience in selling area homes in that specific price range and particular spectrum of demographic appeal, it is only an empty boast. A veteran Realtor with a verifiable and reputable record of many successful real estate transactions can sell a property in less time, for a higher price, and with a minimum of problems and stress. Securing and benefiting from the services of a seasoned professional in the real estate business costs the same as any inexperienced agent who just got their licence and is on the "earn while you learn" program. Savvy sellers are not interested in being a new agent's first real life case studies and realize that experience sells homes.

The Hard Sell belongs on the used car lot: The purchase of a home is a profoundly emotional and momentous decision. Buyers appreciate the opportunity of discovering features of a house according to their own particular preferences and requirements. If a seller is stalking them around the property, directing their attention to the aspects that may not be important or even preferable to the buyer they will feel uncomfortable and pressured, and a potential sale will be lost. Over-selling kills deals. If a buyer starts to believe that the property has an excess of features that they do not particularly care for, they will decide to not spend their money on someone else's taste and apply their funds towards a less expensive property which lacks those features. A journeyman Realtor will always allow the buyers the space, the time, and the respect to explore the property on their own schedule and itinerary, only indicating specific features that the Realtor has ample justifiable reason to believe are important to any one particular buyer.

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