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How To Showcase Your Property To Enchant Buyers, Part 5

Updated on January 28, 2010

You should ask yourself if your home is best suited for older or younger buyers. There are an endless number of factors which govern the level of appeal of any particular residential property. Although more and more homes are being built on smaller lots they tend to be built upwards by adding a storey and that is a factor that can dampen demand from senior citizens or mobile-challenged individuals who can't handle the stairs due to mobility issues brought on by age or illness.

Although you may not have children or yours have long ago left the nest, the proximity to good schools is a primary motivating factor to young families. If your residential property is located in such a fortunate setting, be sure to draw attention to that fact as an integral part of your marketing program. Don't assume that prospective buyers know the location of the nearest schools, or that they are well-managed and have high standards. You must shout this information to make sure that it gets through in the marketing materials.

Deciding to sell a house without a marketing plan is like a coach showing up to a football game without the playbook. Your competition will trounce you, both on the field and in the real estate game. In order to maximize the price that your home will fetch you need to apply conventional business-like marketing principles. After all, a residential property is a product like any other, and is suited to be marketed in the same manner. Although the factors are numerous, the equations are fair and universally acknowledged. One of the greatest benefits of an unfettered, free real estate market is that every property gravitates to its precise market value at any given time.

The first question any marketer will ask about any product is what is the target market. A younger, hipper market will be more in tune with a marketing plan which involves social networking and even Twittering, while an older, more conventional market will be fairly blind to this avenue and prefer to see a nice big color image of your house in the weekend real estate section of the city paper. Cater the marketing to the specific groups of people instead of believing you can appeal to all, and you will sell high and sell fast.

Only a foolish entrepreneur launches a business without accurately determining the target market and how the new enterprise is likely to fare in the prevailing economic conditions. The same applies to any home owner considering selling their residential property. The primary aspects which must be considered are in which direction the economic winds are blowing and what the buying market is looking for in your type of home.

Whether you are interested in listing your home immediately or are taking a much longer term view towards listing it at some time in the future, it is imperative to have a firm grasp of the direction of the overall North American economy and how it affects your home value today and in the future.

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