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How To Stop Cats Pooing in Your Garden

Updated on March 12, 2011

If you have problems with cats fouling your garden (and if you don't own a cat, you probably do) - there is help at hand.

Here are my top tips for keeping cats from using your garden as a toilet. I've found that alternating some of the tips helps as cats seem to get used to things - so for a few weeks try Olbas Oil and then maybe the cat repellent sticks or pepper. See what works for you.

I prefer methods which aren't cruel - ie NOT thowing boiling water over them the minute they walk into your garden (a flatmate of mine used to do that when we were students). There are more humane methods.

Keep cats off your garden (without cruelty)

Cat Repellent Sticks
Cat Repellent Sticks

As an immediate solution to cat pooing, try purchasing some of these cat repellent sticks and inserting them into the soil around your garden.

Cats hate the smell of them and will keep away. These are effective for about 10 weeks.

During that period while the cats are getting the message that they're not welcome, it's worth starting to grow plants which naturally deter cats.

Grow your own cat repellent

There are a couple of plants which cats don't like. Plant them near to the places where cats enter your garden and they may decide to take another route.

The plants are: Curry Plant and Lemon Balm.

Some people have reported that the Scardy Cat Plant (Coleus Canina) helps, others say that cats poo right near it - so the jury is out on that one.

Cats hate lemon balm (which is a relative of mint) because of its texture so planting it right on a cat walkway at the entrance to your garden is a good choice. They hate the curry plant for it's smell and texture. Worth a trip to the garden centre!

I've recently been given the tip that putting Olbas Oil on a used tea bag and chucking it on the garden where the cats poo ( after clearing up their mess first) is effective.  I'm just about to try this so will update when I've decided whether it works or not.

Olbas Oil smells a bit like Vick - you use it to clear your nose when you have a cold.  It's said that cats are not keen.  I'll let you know!

It would be good to hear of anyone else's solutions to this problem 


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    • profile image

      suze 3 years ago

      I have used olbas oil in tea bags which work until it rains! I have now been using a sonic machine which is working over one part of flower bed but not the other. Also my teenage son can hear the beep but we can't!

    • GardenNut101 profile image

      GardenNut101 6 years ago from Staffordshire, England

      That's good to hear. Thanks for letting me know that you've found something that works. For more ideas try this page: and go to garden pests.

      The reason I say that is that cats do get used to smells so you have to change how you do things from time to time. Nice to hear from you Jenny

    • profile image

      Jenny 6 years ago

      I tried olbas oil and its worked - thanks