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How To Store Silk Flowers

Updated on June 25, 2011
Knowing how to store silk flowers ensures that you can take advantage of their beauty for many years
Knowing how to store silk flowers ensures that you can take advantage of their beauty for many years
Store your silk harvest centerpiece until next year
Store your silk harvest centerpiece until next year

Many people like to store their silk flowers, bringing them out to use at a later date. Perhaps they want to change their silk flower arrangement to reflect the new season, or they want to use festive silk flowers at Christmas or thanksgiving. Some people may want to preserve a bridal bouquet as a treasured memento, locking up good memories, which will never fade.

Storing silk flowers is a very cost effective way to have a wide array of silk flower arrangements to choose from, allowing you to change the style and color to match your décor, the time of year, or even just your mood. Many silk flower enthusiasts, they like to buy silk flowers single stems in bulk, and use them to practice the noble art of flower arranging.

Storing silk flowers will ensure that the colors don't fade
Storing silk flowers will ensure that the colors don't fade

How To Store Silk Flowers Correctly :: Quality And Cleanliness

Whatever the reason, storing silk flowers correctly is of vital importance because, while artificial flowers and bouquets are robust and durable, they still need to be treated tenderly. Throwing them into a box or cramming them into a bag is a sure way to end up with fake flowers that are crushed, torn, and unusable. As with anything, better quality silk flowers are made from robust materials and can withstand the rigors of time far better than cheap imitations.

Before storage, if the silk plants are covered with dust and grime, you should give them a good clean before you start packing them away. Ideally, a quick clean with a feather duster and an application of silk plant cleaning solution will be sufficient. 

Even delicate silk single stems can be stored easily
Even delicate silk single stems can be stored easily

How To Store Silk Flowers In A Box Or Bag

The easiest way to store silk flowers is in the original delivery carton, especially if you purchased your silk plants from a high-quality supplier who used high quality shipping cartons, rather than crushing and compacting the flowers into a flimsy box. If you have many silk flowers to store, you can use bubble wrap or polystyrene beads for extra protection, and you should avoid cramming too many silk flowers into a container.

If you do not have the original carton to hand, the best way is to store the flowers in a lose-fitting plastic bag, tying the bottom to prevent dust and grime form entering the bag and discoloring the delicate petals of your silk flowers. Of course, if you do elect to store them in a bag, it is important to store them somewhere where they will not be crushed because, if the fabric and the flower petals are crushed and bent, It is very difficult to return them to their original, natural shape. One of the readily available storage boxes is perfect for this, as they will protect your delicate silk flowers and, if you have many flowers, you can safely stack the boxes on top of each other, to save space.

Finally, you should avoid storing silk arrangements and flowers in an area that is excessively hot or damp, because they can encourage mildew to grow, and intense heat and humidity can compromise the glue used to hold the delicate parts of the plant together.


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    • Laura du Toit profile image

      Laura du Toit 

      8 years ago from South Africa

      Very interesting and well planned hub.


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