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How To Wash Pillows

Updated on August 27, 2011

The Best Way To Wash A Pillow

I love my pillows fluffy at all times to keep me comfortable and for long peaceful sleep. I yearn for my own pillows every time I travel and sleep in hotels. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 5-star accommodation, I still cannot get a sound sleep. Travelling although a joy, also means sacrificing good sleep and enduring body pains that can’t be eased by massage alone. A good sleep brought about by a good mattress and plenty of fluffy comfortable pillows are what I need. And I’m sure you do too.

Although there are a number of pillows in the market that are of different kinds and materials, I still fear losing my reliable and comfy pillows due to lack of care and maintenance. The kind of pillows you have, for all you know, is a big contributor to your sleeping disorders and unceasing body pains. Waking up on the right side of the bed each morning is due to great pillows that mould your body contour well, that gently but firmly supports your neck and head, that circulates air for even temperature and resists dust mites and mildews.

Free yourself from body pains and insomnia. Get yourself pillows that your body deserve. Once you’ve found the perfect match, the next step is to know how to care for your finds, to clean them and most importantly to make them last longer.The trick is to wash your pillows at least once a year. Plus, put them in a case to protect them from dust, dirt and body oil. For extra protection, add another layer of pillow case with a zipper.

Before washing your pillows, check the labels and adhere to it. Most pillows can be washed in a washing machine. Here are some tips for you:

  • Remove layers of protectors or pillow cases
  • Fill the machine with hot water to kill dust mites and other bacteria
  • Add mild detergent (low suds detergent is better)
  • Set your machine in gentle washing cycle
  • Add your pillow (one pillow only, repeat process for every pillow you have)
  • Rinse at least twice
  • Press a white terry cloth on your pillow to remove excess water. (Do not wring or twist)
  • Place the pillow in the dryer with 2 or 4 clean tennis balls to fluff them. (You may also hang it outside to air dry the pillow)

Since it is not advisable to launder pillows more than once a year I often hang them outside on a clear day and let them sit under the sun for several hours. I love the way they smell afterwards. They’re like newly washed and naturally scented by the air and the sun. I just love how fresh they are! Try it and am sure you’d love it, too.

How do you wash your pillows? Share your tips and tricks here

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    • Jennifer Sickler profile image

      Jennifer Sickler 6 years ago from Grand Island, Nebraska

      Very helpful. I've always wondered about a way to launder pillows and this is a good reference!