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How You Can Have A Really Cheap Outdoor Swing

Updated on February 12, 2009

Your backyard also loves swing sets!

If your family house has a garden, this article is for you. If you have kids, it's twice as much for you. Because kids love outdoor swings, you'll love them too. Installing a swing set in your backyard is a great thing to do - not only your entirely family is going to have fun on it, but it will also make your backyard look great.

Swing sets aren't very expensive tools, but still buying one is a purchase that needs to be seriously considered in the family budget. And if you don't plan and select your swing set carefully, you may end up spending few thousand dollars on something that you can buy for few hundred.

There are two main ways to save money when obtaining an outdoor swing for your family - buying a budget one and building one yourself. We are going to explore both. 

Buying a budget swing set

The most common mistake that people who want to buy affordable outdoor swing is to jump on the big feature rich swing sets. Obviously if you want a bit thing, you'll need to pay big. But do you really need such a playset? Often the simplest metal outdoor swing will do the same work as five times more expensive wooden one.

The first and most important advice I can give you is to look at the metal swings. They are simple, but good, robust and elegant. You can always start with just the basic features (swinging, of course) and add more things later! It's possibe, so why don't you first let your family enjoy the basic tool. This way you'll not only save money but will also bring more little surprises to them instead of one big at once.

Another save money idea is to buy used outdoor swing. Used swings can be found in classified sites and local newspapers. If you check the quality of the construction carefully, you will have no reasons to worry. And if you find a seller near you, the transportation isn't going to cost you much. 

Building a swing set yourself

This option also exists. If you can't find a good user swing or don't like the cheap metal ones, you can still have a wooden playset for a good price - if you build it yourself! And saving money is not the only reason to do it - building an outdoor swing on your own is exciting project that you can be proud of (provided you complete it successfully of course). 

Most people would buy kits, but you aren't going to save much this way. You'd better buy swing set plans ($10 - $20), wood material (boards, stocks), some cement, sand and concrete tube for the foundations, screws and bolts and start working yourself.

Such a project will probably take you few days if you can work all the time or few months if you work once in a while in the weekends. In any case the time is not that important, you are going to do it yourself and that rocks! 

How to Build a Swing Set in 3 Minutes


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