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How a Smart Technology Security Camera Can Boost Your Security.

Updated on December 27, 2016

The One Unfortunate Occurence

Have you at one time been a victim of thuggery acts such as burglary, pilferage from own workers and even mugging by a jealous kin? Did you feel that a security camera could have helped unearth the perpetrators of the crime? Well, you will agree with the fact that such incidences are never pleasant.

At the very least, there was destruction or loss of property. At the worse case scenario, victims or their relatives have suffered bodily harm and even deaths.

Thugs strike when everyone is offguard.
Thugs strike when everyone is offguard. | Source

Do I Need to Invest in Surveillance Cameras?

There has been a ranging debate if the surveillance cameras are the solution to problems already mentioned above. On one side, proponents see it as the security eyes when the owners are not in the surroundings. Opponents on the other hand, feel that security cameras create unnecessary intrusions in the privacy of property owners, those close to them and any other person operating in the neighborhood.

One thing is for sure though; that security cameras have helped deter many incidences of theft, pilferage, wanton destruction and burglary incidences in homes, around businesses and even in public places.

So again, do you need to invest in surveillance cameras?

CCTV helps you monitor what's happening in a given area.
CCTV helps you monitor what's happening in a given area. | Source

CCTV and Security Surveillance.

CCTV-This is an abbreviation of Closed-circuit Television. CCTV is basically system where signals are hidden from the public eye but are monitored on a monitor elsewhere.

A CCTV will send you video footage to your monitor and this helps remain in the know of the security of your treasured asset or item in real time.

CCTV have evolved over time and Smart Technology security cameras are slowly becoming the norm of the day.

Your Knowledge of Security Cameras

Let's break the monotony: Have You Already Installed a Security Camera

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Foscam R2 1080P HD Wireless Security Camera
Foscam R2 1080P HD Wireless Security Camera | Source

5 Ways How a Smart Technology Security Camera Can Your Security

1. Track even the audio output

As compared to ordinary CCTV cameras, Smart technology cameras are able to cancel out background noise and this helps deliver quality video output. With this camera, you can easily unearth whatever ills being planned against your venture.

2. Real-time push notifications.

Thanks to Rich Media Message Push technology, you can get real time intelligent alerts on your smartphone even when you are kilometers away. You can easily access and control the security cameras via the smartphone.

3.Ability to recognize faces taken under dim or excessive light.

Security cameras that utilize smart technology have superior video quality and a wider wide viewing angle. These qualities lead to production of clear images even when they are taken under unfavorable conditions under night.

4. Easily portable

Modern cameras that are based on smart technology are far slimmer than traditional CCTV cameras. Modern day security cameras such as Foscam R2 1080P HD Wireless Security Camera feature an Ultra slim design that makes them easy to conceal and carry around.

5. Superior video quality.

The cameras leverage on Advanced WDR technologies to auto correct images taken under unfavorable conditions.

Here is a video of how Smart Technology Security Camera Work

To Wrap it all Up

Smart technology has opened a new frontier in home security solutions. Home owners can easily monitor the surroundings of their homes or business premises even on their mobile phones.

Don't be a victim of thuggery when you can monitor everything and control such incidences before they take place.


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