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How can you save water cost effectively, without changing their lifestyle?

Updated on May 13, 2009

Toilets use about 30% of the total water used in a household. An old style single flush toilet can use up to 13 litres of water in one flush.

How can you save water cost effectively, without changing their lifestyle?

One way to save water is to  replace your single-button-flush cistern with a dual flush system.  More water-efficient dual-flush toilets use only six litres for a full flush and four litres with a reduced flush. But if your old cistern still works, you are most probably reluctant to change it, because it's not cost effective to spend lots of money to buy a new flush system. If you are not a DIYer, the buget maybe doubled by hiring a handyman to do the job for you.

It's easier to save water by using cistern displacement devices, which are usually more effective on larger cisterns (9-12 litres). You can obtain a cistern displacement device by contacting your local water company. 

Recently, I wrote to my water supplier Severn Trent Water for Dry Planet's Save-a-Flush, it's a hippo-style water saving device, and is an easy to install, cost effective solution to saving water in the home and business. Save-a-Flush looks like a sachet with tiny hole on the bag. This device contains special crystals that absorb water and once placed in the toilet cistern the Save-a-Flush swells over a 5-6 hour period to displace 1 litre of water per flush. It lasts many years, quietly saving water without affecting what you do day to day – a great way for you to do your bit to help the environment. Its environmentally friendly too – the bag is recyclable, the contents are biodegradable and we don't have any other packaging.

Alternatively, you can use a plastic bottle filled with water.

Save a Flush
Save a Flush


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