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How do I Select a Decent Wine Glass?

Updated on March 12, 2011

How to select a wine glass

If you want to drink a glass of wine the quality of the wine is not everything. For a better experience and to get a better test you need a perfect glass for the wine. Drinking wine is not just drinking it is also an art and the wine glass the main part of this art.  This is proven by the expert that a good glass is necessary for enhancing the flavor, smell and color of the wine. So before drink wine you need a better glass. But a how can you choose a perfect glass? Well there are some points for choosing a glass for wine.

Choosing the Right Glass

The first thing is the material of the glass. Glass should be very clear and without any type of pattern on it. Although there are many types of glasses are available the best choice is a simple crystal clear glass. Another thing is the size of the wine glass. You have to comfortably hold the glass. So the stem of the glass should be long enough to hold it comfortably. Now different types of glasses are used in different dinner parties. But a tulip shape wine glass is most popular.

Glasses also vary with the type of wine. Different types of glasses are used for different types of wine like a taller glass is used for red wine while the white wine is usually served in a smaller glass. So you have to choose your glass according to the type of wine you are drinking. But remember one thing don’t go for a cheap glass. These glasses can be interesting but they will just cause a bitter experience. So go for a better wine glass made by a good company. They may cost you a little more but you will be able to get a better experience.


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