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How do you get rid of bed bugs

Updated on April 16, 2016

It is a week since you have arrived at your vocation destination, one mornigng you wake up with swells on your skin, they are itchy and red and they form a row. What could this be? Could it be mosquito bites, bed bug bites or flee bites? So what is the difference between these three bites?

Mosquito bites usually show redness , can be swollen and are also itchy, however the bite of a mosquito does not itch as long as that of a bed bugs. Like mosquito bites bed bug bites show redness and can be swollen , the major difference between a bed bug bite and any other insect bite is how the bites are situated, they appear in groups or rows. Most bites itch "on and off" and when they do they itch very much, the itch can last for weeks leaving behind scars. Flee bites last about a week and they do itch.

bed bug
bed bug

How to tell if you have bed bugs

So based on the bites on your skin, you believe that they are bed bugs in the bed you are sleeping in, so it is time to check. Here are some things you can do to see if you have bed bugs. But firstly you must know what a bed bug looks like. This bug is a small, oval, flat shape insect with no wings, it is reddish brown and can grow up to 6mm. Now you know what you are looking for lets start looking for signs of bed bugs.

Look at the bed sheet which you slept on, if the bites you suffered are bed bug bites you should see dark spots (dried blood) on the sheets, these can be very tiny spots. Next take the pillows and the sheet off the bed, then check the mattress thoroughly, look in every crack and focus mostly on the edges where there is the stitching to see if there are any bed bugs or remains of dead bedbugs.Next you can lift the mattress of the bed and look on the box spring/ bed base to see if you see any.

If you have seen the dark spots on your bed but you have not seen any bugs on your search here is what to do, change your bed sheet and the following night take a flash light to bed with you, if you have nowhere to go the morning after stay up late, just turn off all the lights in the room and lay on the bed like you would usually do before you go to sleep. Continuously check around u with the searchlight, I am sure you would see at least one of these blood sucking insects.

How to get rid of bed bugs.

People use plenty methods to get rid of bed bugs .Some of these are spraying lavender Ajax on the bed and any cloth or clothing near to the bed. It is said that bed bus do not like lavender. Alcohol can also be sprayed on the bed and areas surrounding. Some people also place mint leaves beneath the sheet, some use vacuum to suck the pest off the bed and some people even try sunning the mattress. However the best to get rid of bed bugs is to seek help from professionals, call experts in this area, to terminate these pest. It will take about two days out of your life to do what is required by the professionals before they come to do their work but after all it is worth it.


How to get rid of bed bug bites

After having the bed bugs gone you still have those ugly scars and need to get rid of them. Some creams you can use are Cortizone and Schederma. If there is raw aloe vera available , you can also rub some of this plant on the scars. Life is a lot better without bed bugs so be very careful!!


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