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How does home automation work for you?

Updated on August 19, 2011

Now days, everybody want to have a luxury life. Home is a place where you want to relax, and stay in peace with all comforts. You can do this by making your home ‘smart’ which can save time and energy. Home automation means integrating all your electrical devices. Computerization removes the need to flick a switch or turn a knob to make something work, and allows elements of your home to be controlled remotely, or to respond automatically, at your command. You don’t even to be at home – your house can be programmed to meet your needs via remote control to be ready for your arrival. When you retire at night, you can automate your system to allow your bedroom and ensuite lights to remain on long enough for you to prepare for bed, while the house automatically begins to shutdown, ready for the night. When you leave your house; a smart home can shut itself down. While you are away on a holiday, an automated house can turn your lighting and watering systems on and off as necessary and open close automatic blinds and shutters, thereby giving your empty home that lived-in appearance.

Save time by choosing appliances that can be pre-programmed to be ready when you get up in the morning. From the automatic clock radio that awakes you to blinds and electric window shutters that open at a set time, and from air conditioners or heaters that control the desired room temperature to ready-made coffee in your automatic drip-filter coffee machine. One of the most basic and timesaving ways to automate your home is to install an automatic watering system. An intercom at your gate or front door save time and adds security. Choose one with a camera and connect it to your security system so doors can be locked and unlocked remotely.

All the automatic systems you fitted in your house will be even more effective as a means of saving time if you can manage them from work, while you are shopping or from your car or return from a weekend away. Some automated home systems and equipment can be controlled remotely by landline or mobile phone using a telephone interface system, either by SMS, numeric keypad controls or voice commands.

Sensitive lighting indoors and outdoors

· To control the lights in all the internal rooms in your house, the best solution is centralized lighting. You control all the lights from one location using a remote, a touchpad or a touch screen.

· Regular lighting around garden paths, a pool or a terrace, along with decorative lighting effects, can be activated by remote control.

· Sensors can be installed to turn lights on and off as you pass by them, so you won’t have to fumble for a light switch in the dark.

· Solar lights save considerable amount of energy and activate automatically at dusk, then turn off again at dawn.


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