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How many cleaning solutions do you use?

Updated on November 3, 2010

How Many Cleaning Solutions Do You Use?

Reduce coast and make more profit on your cleaning service by;

Consolidate cleaning solution


Consider dispensing system

How many cleaning solutions do you use?

Make a list and see how many cleaning solutions you use.

Most janitors use following solutions:

1: Window/glass cleaning solution

2: Disinfectant cleaner for restroom

2A: Restroom soap scums remover

2B: Mildew remover

2C: Restroom bowl cleaner

2D: Restroom deodorizer

3: Multi-surface cleaning solution

4: Stainless steel polisher-aerosol

5: Metal/brass cream polisher

6: Hard water stain remover

7: Carpet spotter

8: Carpet pre-spray solution

9: Carpet extraction solution

10: Carpet scotch guard solution

11: Dust treatment aerosol sprayer

12: Neutral cleaner for hard floor mopping

13: Heavy duty solution for heavy duty digressing, red dirt, etc.


Many items can be consolidated into fewer cleaning solutions.

Recommended consolidated cleaning solution chart

All purpose green cleaning solution can be used for the following:

Window/glass cleaning

Damp wipe Damp mop all hard surface floors Most light to heavy duty cleaning- make the dilution higher for heavy duty cleaning.

Green neutral disinfectant cleaner can used for the following:

All purpose damp wipe all surfaces,

Restroom cleaning, shower, both, etc. (Can be used for preventing mildew from coming back- if you use it on a regular basis, it will prevent mildew).

Damp wipe all hard surface floors Damp mop-especially floor with finish/wax.

Recommend to look for green all purpose Hydrozonproxide based cleaner that you can use even in larger areas, including carpeted floors spotting, pre-spray, bonneting, extracting,etc.

Most of the new Hydrozonproxide based orange cleaners are used for large areas of cleaning as follows:

Window/glass cleaning, All purpose cleaning for all types of surfaces, All types of hard surface floor mopping, Restroom cleaning, Carpet spotting, Carpet bonneting, Carpet pre-spray, Carpet extraction, and etc.

Use "Chemical dilution cost calculation tool" to analyze the savings of consolidating cleaning solutions.

For restroom cleaning, you will still need one or more other cleaning solutions for the following purposes:

Mild acid cleaner for hard water stains in the toilet. Mild creamy cleanser for medium duty cleaning.

Note: For some of the light to medium duty cleaning- try the micro fiber magic eraser (these are pricy items, so might not help you in cutting cost).

So to summarize, in most cases, you would need these few cleaning solutions: Green All purpose cleaner Hard water stain remover Mild cream cleanser.

How do you train your crew to reduce cleaning solutions?

Label spray bottles for specific purposes such as: Glass cleaner Multi surface cleaner Carpet spotter Restroom cleaner Heavy duty cleaner

The above items are the same all purpose cleaner. The only difference is in the dilution ratio. In most places, you would need only 1 to 3 spray bottles at the most:

*** You can save 10 to 20% by consolidating your cleaning solutions. And if you use a dispensing system, you will save another 5% more.

However, even if you consolidate the solutions, but if your crew indiscriminately dilutes the solution without measuring proper dilution recommended strength, it will not do any good in cutting cost.

Therefor either proper training to make sure that your crew knows exactly how, & what amount to dilute for what purposes.

Or you can consider dispensing system.

If you take care of a good size facility, check into a cleaning solution dispenser.

These are designed to dispense solutions with water preset amount, so that there is no guessing, or mistake in over dilution and etc.

In short, you will save money in a long run.

And most local distributors will consider free dispensers, if you purchase enough cleaning solutions to cover the cost of dispenser itself.

Please check with your local distributor on this.


For more information on commercial cleaning tips and janitorial bidding software,
please visit us at: http://www.janitorialcontractorshelp


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    • ekinternet profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      To: smartestkidserver

      Thank you for leaving a nice comments.

    • smartestkidsever profile image


      7 years ago

      This is a very good hub on saving money,In our house we spend 75to 100 dollars a month on cleaning supplys so this could save us a ton of money thank you


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