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How much to charge on first time initial cleaning service fee?

Updated on April 16, 2012

How much to charge on first time initial cleaning service fee

Should I charge an initial first time cleaning fee for a regular service customer?

Some new cleaning contractors have asked whether to an charge extra fee for the initial cleaning on either residential or office cleaning service customer separately from their monthly charge.

That would be up to you.

What do other contractors do?

Some well established cleaning contractors always charge an extra one time initial cleaning fee for regular new cleaning customers and some only charge on a needed basis. If the residence or office was well maintained and does not really need to do much more to get the place to your standards, some contractors will waive the charge.

On the other hand, some contractors will completely waive the first time initial extra cleaning fee if it is a regular daily or weekly service. They may consider charging extra if it is monthly service depending on how much work needs to be done.

Whatever the case, if you decide to charge a first time initial cleaning fee separate from your monthly charge, you should make it very clear to your customer as to why and how much you are charging. If you do not, it could easy become a cause for losing your customer.

So how much should I charge for first time initial cleaning?

It will depend on how much work is involved in getting the place to a cleaning standard which can be easily maintained.

The initial charge could be based on actual hours and materials needed to get the job done. Some contractors charge a set % amount of the monthly total charge. For example, say you are charging your customer $1000.00 per month for monthly regular service. Some contractors would add 25% of $1000.00 which would be $250.00 as an initial onetime fee on the first month billing. So take a good look at the location that you will be cleaning and see what needs to be done first and you can decide how much you would need to charge or waive the initial cleaning fee.

However, if you are doing carpet cleaning, strip and waxing, or something that most contractors would consider as a special service, you must charge them separately, and not as a onetime initial cleaning charge.


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