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How much to charge on strip and wax and top scrub and recoat VCT floor?

Updated on June 9, 2011

How much to charge for strip and wax, top scrub and recoat VCT floor?

How much to charge for floor strip and waxing job or top scrub and re-coat?

Floor care service is a big business that can help you to make a nice income, if you work hard at it and become an expert at it.

But you are new with floor cleaning service business and not sure what to charge?

Here are few things to consider first.

First, learn how to do cleaning procedures well . You can learn from your local janitorial supply company who is willing to train you for being their customer.

They will either train you at their place or at your first job location.

They can also help you with what items you will need to do stripping and waxing, top scrub and re-coating and etc.

Some can even help you with pricing your job on how much to charge for these special procedures and other various specialty types of cleaning services.

Next, go and find the job.

What do I need when I see my possible customer?

You will need a roller tape measure, note paper, pen, your business card and etc.

You will need to measure all open areas that you will be stripping and waxing.

Measure width and length of floor space to get your square footage. As time passes and when you get good at what you do, you can guess most of the small areas, but for now, please practice measuring square feet to get used it.

Next, check the condition of the floor.

What is the condition of the current finish? Is it bad?

Does it have any floor finish on it at all? If there is hardly any shine on the floor or on the edges of the corners, you know that floor has been neglected for awhile.

There is some floor finish, but has scratches and black marks on the floor?

Is there a heavy built up on the edges and corners and you will be doing some heavy manual cleaning of the corners and edges? If you do, you might have to consider charging more for the extra labor.

Do they have water readily available? Where can you dump the removed finish?

Do you have to go up and down the stairs and no elevators?

Do they have electricity available nearby for your buffer, wet/dry vacuum?

When you can start and finish by (time limit)? Is it going to be done evening after business hours?

Checking out the difficulties beforehand can help you to price accordingly and make a profit.

Now sit down to calculate your cost of doing this job.

Put down the information in writing for calculation.

How many gallons of floor finish will I need for this job (most floor finish will cover average about 500 to 700 square feet per gallon).

How many gallons of floor stripper will I need for this job (most floor finish will cover average about 1000 square feet to 2000 square feet depending on dilution ratio used)?

What other items do I need to get this job completed?

Floor neutralizer, floor pads, wax applicator, etc.?

How many hours will it take and how many people will I need for this job? Use this as an example only: To do a 500 square VCT floor, strip and finish will take about 4-7 hours, if you use 2 to 3 people. What takes most of your time is the drying time between each layer of finish. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for each coat.

There are two basic ways to calculate your price for your customer.

One way is by basing your calculation by using square footage method.

The other is by basing on it on your material and labor costs.

Either way you do it, it is a good idea to find the answers to above questions.

If you want to use the square footage method, the most common charge by cleaning contractors is about .50 cents per square foot to $1.00 per square foot.

So, if your customer has 500 square feet (only the area you will be stripping and waxing), and times it by .50 cents would be $250.00 or times by $1.00 per foot x 500 = $500.00.

Now you have to make a decision as to exactly what to charge.

Consider the above situation. Will you make money if you charge $250.00 for doing the job, traveling, purchasing all your supplies and etc? Probably not, however if you price it at $500.00, after calculating with all your labor, supplies, travel and etc, you might make a small profit.

However, if the job is large enough that you might be able to do it at less cost per square foot, and you have all the proper equipment, tools, labor , you still can make a decent profit.

The other method is basing your calculation on cost basis.

Calculate your material, traveling and labor costs and after that you mark up your profit. This is a more accurate method to use. You will make less mistakes and your quote will be more accurate.

How much to mark up?

That is up to you, however most contractors will mark up at 100 to 200% from the cost.

Note: Add 10 to 20 % more on your proposal (optional) just in case one of your crew makes a mistake and needs to make some corrections after the job is done.

Note: Pricing for top scrub and recoat is similar. Top scrub and recoat process is very similar to strip and wax. You can recommend top scrub and recoat to a customer who has a floor which still has lots of shine with little scratches and scuff marks. They really do not need to strip and wax again. (What is difference between strip and wax and top scrub and recoat? Please see our other cleaning instructions on Top Scrub and Recoat at our HUB Pages for more information on this).

There is no one set magic formula for a stripping and floor waxing job. It comes with experience to price better and do better at what you do. So if you want to start at whatever profit is acceptable to you, that is your decision.

As you get more experienced at it and your reputation for an excellent job grows, some of your customers will be willing to pay a little more to get the job done right by a reputable person and company. That is where you want to go and be at.

Best wishes on your new venture of cleaning service business,

Please visit our home website for other bidding calculators and cleaning instructions at:


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