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How often do you burnish VCT floor?

Updated on March 16, 2011

How often Do I burnish VCT tile floor?

Burnishing can be done with either electric burnisher or propane burnisher.

How often?

It is all depends how much shine you want to have it and keep it that way.

If you want to have an exquisite shine, then must be burnished every night.

When burnishing with high speed burnisher (over 1500 RPM), you can try different types of pads that are available. Plain white pads to Grizzly Bear, Natural, Pink, Coconut and many others.

Depending on the finish on the floor, some of the harsher burnishing pads work well but will take off the finish faster than regular white, or blue ice, etc. So, try different pads and see which one works the best on your floor.

Note: If you have softer type of finish on the floor, then try softer burnishing pad works better. If you have harder type of finish on the floor, then try aggressive burnishing pad such as coconut or grizzly bear, etc.  If you are burnishing with propane burnisher with high speed RPM, try pads that are designed with high speed burnishing pads.

Note: You have the option to use Spray And Buffing solution for burnishing. If you use it, it will give you more shine.

Note: To get more shine on the floor and to protect the finish longer, try the product called Top Guard. Important note: When daily mopping or auto scrubbing, the solution that you should use must be a neutral cleaner (PH 5-7). If not, it will take off the finish fast.

More information on PH Balance- see PH Balance.

Steps for burnishing the floor.

1: Dust mop the floor.

2: Damp mop or auto scrubber with neutral cleaner.

3: Let the floor dry first.

4: Now you can burnish the floor.

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