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How Is Beginning to Drink Alkaline Water Like Starting a New Workout Routine?

Updated on October 2, 2015

Water filtration experts are often asked if there’s a right way to start drinking alkaline water and if so, how exactly is it done? Well, there certainly is a correct way and not only is it highly recommended, but it’s so simple too.

Introducing anything to your body for the first time, whether it’s going to the gym after being inactive for a while, trying out a new spicy food, or alkaline water, a common rule is to do it slowly (and steadily) at first. You certainly wouldn’t expect to win an Olympic gold medal on your first try! You’d begin small and slowly, practice little by little, and gradually increase the intensity and time of your sessions at a pace that suits your specific body type, until you reach your ultimate goal. The same theory can be said about introducing alkaline water to your body.

It's just like starting a new workout regimen. With exercise, it’s good to start with just 10-15 minutes per session at first and then continue at this pace for as long as it takes for your body to adjust to the new exercise. As your body acclimates to the new workout routine, you will naturally begin to feel increasingly less winded and tired, and more prepared, energized, and able to continue for longer sessions. As your body adjusts to the exercise, you can increase their length slowly but steadily, and then just repeat the first few steps until you’ve reached your desired session length.

Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1 - Very simply and just like the short workout sessions, you should always start at level 1.

Step 2 - Drink approximately three to eight 16oz. (or 500mL) glasses of level 1 alkaline water per day. The “right” starting amount varies from person to person and to determine your lucky number, just drink enough to keep you well-hydrated without causing discomfort (this sometimes occurs if users try to increase their levels too quickly).

Step 3 - Continue at this rate for 2-4 weeks, until you feel ready to move up to the next level.

Step 4 - Once you move up to level 2, just repeat steps 2 and 3 over again, only with the next pH level.

(Note: Since every person may react a tad bit differently to alkaline water, a great tip to remember is that the most common pH level for many people is 3. But you know your body best, so please choose a pH level that best suits you)

How Do I Get Alkaline Water?

There are plenty of alkaline water ionizers available today and many even create your regimen for you with clearly labeled buttons, indicators, and other features. If you haven’t already, be sure to purchase a high quality alkaline water ionizer machine that includes these aforementioned options from a trusted brand. Most ionizers feature pH levels ranging from weak alkaline to very acidic, but more advanced devices like IntelGadgets’ IT-757, one of their most popular models, includes labeled buttons such as but not limited to “Initial Drinking Period,” “Daily Drinking,” and “Cooking.” You’ll just need to press a few buttons and follow the directions to begin enjoying alkaline water! This particular model even features a large LCD display screen that indicates the precise pH level, water flow rate, and more. In addition to the labeled buttons, devices like the IT-757 also include +/- buttons so you can also manually adjust your water’s pH level as well.

IT-757 Alkaline Water Ionizer

Click thumbnail to view full-size

There you have it! Introducing alkaline water to your life has never been easier!

Finally, here are a few more facts everyone should know before drinking alkaline water routinely: consult your doctor if you’re taking medication or have chronic ailments, never drink acidic water, and always introduce alkaline water to your daily drinking habits at a slow and gradual pace as described above. And it’s as easy as that! With a premium quality ionizer and these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to healthier living!


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