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How to Build a Backyard Batting Cage

Updated on April 23, 2017

What You Will Need

From Lowes: Prices:

  • 5 straight 2''x4''x12' lumber $5.47
  • 10 straight 4''x4''x16' lumber $24.97
  • 30-40 bags of Quickrete 50 pound bags $2.54
  • 2''x4'' in slant nail joist hanger $0.73
  • Black rope $0.48 per linear foot
  • 10 count 3/8''x8'' eye bolt with hex nut $1.28
  • 25 count 1/2'' flat washer $8.38
  • 10 carbineers $3.98
  • Shovel (hopefully you already have one on hand) You can rent an auger, it will be faster and easier but more expensive.
  • A Foldable ladder that allows you to reach up about 12 feet high.
  • A drill with a 3/8'' drill bit.
  • Screws, you can choose almost any screw that is about 1/2'' long.

From Batting Cages USA or Gourock:

  • 12''x12''x70' Batting cage net (Batting Cage USA) $369-
  • 12''x12''x70' Batting cage net (Gourock) $429-

How to Make a Backyard Batting Cage

Once you have all of the materials on hand, you can now start the construction process. Don't be daunted by this process, you will save thousands of dollars, so if you mess up you can easily afford to correct it. But you won't mess up because you have this article to refer to for free and instant access.

  1. Break Ground> Map out the area in your backyard where you can fit 70 feet of cage and mark the ground every 14 feet for the location of the poles to hold up the net. The shape of the markings should be a rectangle. Double check to make sure the overall size is 12'x12'x70' from the center of the marked out holes.
  2. With the 10 markings (5 on each side) start digging. Each hole should be about 20'' deep with a diameter of about 1'. Try to level out the bottom so that the 4'x4' lumber can stand as straight as possible.
  3. Place the 4'x4' into the hole making sure the hole opposite of it is square to at least one side of the piece of wood. Get a partner to hold the lumber up. Hand them a level to make sure the 4x4 is vertical (not necessary, you can just eyeball it). Dump about 1/2 of a bag of concrete around the 4x4. Add water from a hose and mix the concrete with the shovel. Mix thoroughly. Then repeat the pouring and watering around the 4x4 till the hole is full. Use a scrap of wood to level out the surface so rain water doesn't puddle.
  4. Do this for all ten 4x4's making sure they are square to each other. Give the poles about 2-3 days of curing before continuing. NOTICE, it still is not done curing, but it should be hard enough to continue working.
  5. Use a ladder to reach the top 2 feet of each pole. Drill a 3/8'' hole into all the poles at about 1 1/2' below the top of each pole. For the four corner poles, drill the holes facing the long direction. For the middle poles, drill the holes facing the short direction. Picture Below.
  6. Insert the 8'' eyebolts into each pole with the loop facing the inside of the cage. The corner pole face the opposite side of the cage. Put a flat washer on the back of each eyebolt and tighten the nut behind the washer and call it good. Picture Below.
  7. Attach the carabineers to each eyebolt loop.
  8. Screw the in slant 2''x4'' joist hanger into each pole facing the center of the cage, the short direction. The joist hanger should be a couple of incher from the top of each 4x4. Even the corner poles face the short direction too. Picture Below.
  9. Use the ladder to drop the 2''x4''x12' lumber into the joist hangers. The 2x4's should span the short direction. Screw these into the joist hangers. Picture Below.
  10. Now you can pull the corners of the net to the corners of the cage. Start on one end and attach the rope that should be in the net from the factory into the carabineer. Work your way down the cage, pulling the sections of net as tight as possible.
  11. From here, you should be able to see the full structure of the cage! However, if the net droops to much for your liking, tie the rope you bought from the store, from the net to the 2x4 that spans across. Do this in multiple areas and that should eliminate the droopy net.

Look closely at how all the attachments are situated on this corner pole.
Look closely at how all the attachments are situated on this corner pole.


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