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How to Build a Gnome Home

Updated on May 21, 2013

A Home for a Gnome

Create a bit of magic in your home. Invite Gnomes and other fairy folk to live with you! You can make a gnome home easily with materials around the home. I have made a few and have plenty of pictures to show how I have created them. You can set the home in your garden. If you don't have a garden then you can make a gnome habitat in a flower pot. Read on and I will show you more!

About the Home

I chose to use gourds for my Gnome home. It is getting towards the end of the summer and I have several dried out gourds I have not used yet. I have been using them to make gourd birdhouses but became inspired to make a gnome home after discovering a dried gourd without a bottom to it. I used my trusty Dremel and cut out a hole for the window and the door. Then I decorated around the door with the many dried gourd seeds. Out of an extra piece of dried gourd I made a sign that said " Gnome Sweet Gnome" I decided not to paint the gourd because I likes the look of the natural wood of the gourd. I put a clear coat of acrylic spray on it and inside it to help preserve it. It took me about a half an hour to put together! This Gnome Home is now sitting in my flower garden.

Now this is just my way of making a gnome home. You can use many many items you find in nater. I have seen people use bark and make a structure at the base of trees. Even twigs and pinecones can be glued in such a way to create a suitable habitat for Gnomes.

My first Gnome Home
My first Gnome Home | Source

Gnome homes for porches

If you do not have room fo your own flower garden never fear, you can get your own gnome to move in with you! Create your own scene and home in a flower pot. Once again you can use things around the home to inspire you. Perhaps you have been looking for a way to use that large flower container or bucket. I took large flower pot ( about 14 inches wide at the top) and placed another small bucket upside down in it. This allowed for the pot to not get heavy. I simply placed dirt around and on top of the bucket . It really did make the flower pot easier to move!

Step one fill top half of container with dirt

Put a smaller bucket in the container upside down before filling it with dirt.
Put a smaller bucket in the container upside down before filling it with dirt. | Source

Next I leveled out the top with dirt and then began a search for some moss. Moss is easy to find. Look for moist places in your yard, usually a place water does not drain well. Also shady places are great for moss coverage. I found moss next to my Man-cave. It usually comes up easily. You might need a shovel to get it started.

Step two, level out dirt and cover with moss

Find Moss in shady or damp areas
Find Moss in shady or damp areas | Source

Arrange the moss to cover the top of the flower pot. You can leave the space for the Gnome home bare if you like. Pick through the moss and get rid of any unwanted twigs, weeds or pebbles. I watered my moss after getting it situated.

Step Three arrange, pick out rubbish and wet

Arrange and pick out twigs and pebbles.
Arrange and pick out twigs and pebbles. | Source

I had made my gnome home from a small gourd. Once again I used my Dremel to cut out windows and doors. There are really a lot of uses for my Dremel! I used it to carve out a sign saying " Gnome Sweet Gnome" for a previous house. I lined the outside of the window with gourd seeds for a whimsical look. I also took the clear coat acrylic spray and used it inside and outside the gourd. This will help preserve it .

Step four, make a walkway

Place the gourd seeds on the paper and glue them, being sure to cover the whole paper.  Spray with adhesive when done
Place the gourd seeds on the paper and glue them, being sure to cover the whole paper. Spray with adhesive when done | Source

After placing the gnome home on the flower pot I was inspired to make a pathway. I decided it to use gourd seeds again since they are so plentiful. I used a piece of tan cardstock that would match the seeds color and cut a narrow strip. I took the seeds and used an adhesive and glued them down on the paper making sure to cover the paper. When I was finished I made sure to clear coat it with the acrylic spray. When it was dry I placed it in front of the home and covered some of the edges of the walkway with moss. I imagine the moss might grow over it anyway. There are many other objects in nature you could use to make a walk way.Sunflower seeds, pebbles or even twigs.

Step Five Cut an archway

Cut and glue your archway.
Cut and glue your archway. | Source

I decided to put an archway at the end of my walkway. I made it by using the parts of an extra gourd. I took the top part of the gourd where it curves and cut it into a strip with the Dremel. I now had the top part of the arch. I then used the same gourd and cut two pieces and glued them to the arch to give it some height. When it was dry, I sprayed it with clear acrylic. After it was dry I planted it at the end of the walkway. I thought about painting it but thought I should keep everything natural.

The final touches!

The final product!
The final product! | Source

Next I added some final touches. Now you can be as creative with these as you want! I found some artificial Autumn flowers and placed them in there as a bush. I also took out a plant that had died some time ago from another pot. I thought it looked an awful lot like a tree so I planted it beside the house. You can use real flowers in your pot too. I plan to find some of my sons little plastic insects and will place them in the scenery as well. If you have children you probably have a lot of extra toys around. Don't be afraid to place a dinosaur or two in your creation!

Did you like my Gnome Homes? Will you try to make one yourself?

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    • Becca's Blog profile image

      Rebecca Furtado 4 years ago from A Cornfied in the Midwest

      You must have very happy Gnomes. This is a great hub.

    • TattooKitty profile image

      TattooKitty 5 years ago from Hawaii

      Adorable!! Making this cool project is a "gnome-brainer"...LOL!! Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!!

    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 5 years ago from Wv

      Lol Angelo52, I will let you know when one moves in!

    • Angelo52 profile image

      Angelo52 5 years ago from Central Florida

      Nice idea. Hope the gnomes that move in like it.