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How to Build a Great Looking Pond Waterfall

Updated on May 8, 2011

Pond Waterfall

How to Build a Pond Waterfall
How to Build a Pond Waterfall

Building a Pond Waterfall

If you have a pond or looking to build one then you will need to look into a pond waterfall to help aerate the water and keep the water moving. Their are many things to consider before selecting a pond waterfall, the height of the waterfall the height will determine the sound you here from it. Remember the trickling is a nice sound not a constant dumping of water into a pond. Also whether your going to build it or buy a performed water fall. Performed are great for someone just getting into this and you can usually buy a waterfall kit.

Here is a link to a waterfall kit I bought and love it. It's great because you just need to build it up as high as you want so that it looks how ever you want. I used large river rocks to build it up on the outside. But use cider blocks in the inside to build it up, because you can't see them after your done.

Preformed Waterfalls

Performed waterfalls are great and cost little to actually build all you do is build up a area and place the cut out and turn on the pump and presto you have a waterfall.  You can usually select them in different colors from black to granite and you can make them look really natural and even natural sounding.  Also sometimes you don't even need to build it up you can place it in a hill to flow down.  Their is a endless possibility with preformed waterfalls.

Build your own Pond Waterfall

This requires some skill and planned out rock work and layout.  Like I said before using cider block to build up the water output also you need to use a pond liner to build these so I have a page of pond liners for great prices.  This will help you select the small liner that is required for the waterfalls.  With this it's all about making it look good and natural so let your imagination run wild.

Other Great Pond Articles

Now that your waterfall is built it's time to add plants or even attract ducks to your pond for the next natural look.  I wrote a article on how to attract ducks to your pond. 

Also if your having problems with algae then you can check out my articles on getting rid of pond algae.  I show you methods to use and cost little to no money to do and are very successful for hundreds of people out their that I have already helped.


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