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How to Build a Raised Garden Bed Yourself

Updated on August 26, 2014

Building a raised garden bed is an excellent way to start your home gardening journey – during any time of the year! Whether you want to start planting your autumn or spring veggies. We built several raised bed and filled them with an organic-veggie mix of soil. They worked out so well for us that I’d thought I would share how to make them.

Things You’ll Need to Make a Raised Garden Bed

Since you’ll be planting vegetables, be sure to get untreated lumber. We also prefer Cedar wood because it’s harder and will last longer. Fir is also another good choice for wood.


  • 1 4x4 x72 (6 feet long)
  • 4 2x6x8 feet long
  • Deck screws
  • Chicken (Poultry) Wire
  • U nails or regular nails


  • Drill with drill bits
  • Screw driver
  • Wire cutters
  • Shovel


Bird netting is always a great feature. If you decide to use bird netting get two- 3/4 inch 8 Ft PVC pipe and steel connectors. In addition you will need one - 1 inch PVC pipe.

Two 3/4 inch 8 feet PVC

One 1 inch PVC

Bird Netting

Zip Ties

Line up your supplies
Line up your supplies
Cut the 4x4s into 18 inch posts.
Cut the 4x4s into 18 inch posts.
Secure the posts to the Cedar planks
Secure the posts to the Cedar planks

How To Put it Together

Step 1:

First start with your space. Clear off a 4 foot x 8 foot area. Dig 6 inch holes at each corner to fit the 4x4. You should consider digging a little wider hole and filling it later with dirt as you adjust your bed.

Step 2:

Cut 4 -18 inch pieces of your 4x4. The four pieces will be your essential cornerstones to your bed. Six inches will be buried and 12 inches will be used to shore up two 2x6 pieces of Cedar.

Step 3:

Attach two 2x6 8 feet Cedar planks to your posts together with screws on each side. Once finished begin with your other side – and again, screw both planks into each post.

Step 4:

Cut 1 2x6 by 8 feet plank – right in half (for 2 equally divided planks that are now 4 feet in length. Using your deck screws, attach your 4 foot planks to the side posts. Do the same for the other side

Step 5:

After you make sure bed is secured on each side with your deck screws. Turn your garden bed upside down. Measure out 4 feet x 8 feet of poultry wire and cut it. Next secure the poultry wire to bottom of the Cedar planks with your nails.

Attach each side to your posts using your deck screws.
Attach each side to your posts using your deck screws.
After attaching each side to the post, install chicken wire.
After attaching each side to the post, install chicken wire.

Step 6:

Turn your garden back over and place the posts in the holes. Fill the holes and level off your bed.

Step 7:

Fill your garden bed with about 1 cubic yard of organic soil.

Step 8:

Plant your seeds!

Step 9:

Harvest your crops and enjoy for years to come!


Attaching netting will be great to protect your garden from birds and small critters. To do so: Get two 3/4 inch PVC plastic pipes (8 feet length) and attach them to your planks using “1 inch PVC pipes as holders). Simply cut your 1 inch pipe into 12 inch sections and connect using the steep pipe wall connectors. When you have them attached, you will then be able to slip your 3/4 inch PVC pipe into your 1 inch PVC pipe holders. Cover your bed with bird netting. This will cost you about another $18-$21 dollars, but can last you for many years.

Note: If you are going to add PVC pipe – you will want to attach to the bed before adding any dirt!

plant your garden.
plant your garden.
Enjoy your harvest
Enjoy your harvest | Source


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