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How to Build a Stock Tank Pool

Updated on June 15, 2020

Stock Tank Pools are all the Rage.

Sock Tank Pools are totally in right now. Google and Pinterest are full of images and inspirational photos. Some people decide to not have a filter but than you would be constantly cleaning and it would just not work with kids. As I turned to Youtube as I often do for my DIY projects, I realized the instructional videos and other online tutorials I found were sort of outdated. The videos were several years old and the parts they were ordering had been out of stock on the Intex Pool Website. I searched Amazon for the parts they said to get in the videos , and they were out of stock there too. Frustrated but seriously still wanting a Stock Tank Pool of my own, I decided there had to be a better way. So here it is!

Items to Get Started.

Tractor Supply or Local Farm Supplier

  • Plastic (or Metal) Stock Tank


  • Intex Cartridge Pool Filter (filters 1,000 gph)
  • Intex Replacement Part Kit
  • Intex Adapter 1.5" threaded to 1.25" tapered. (This is important. I only used one but may come in two pack.)
  • Chlorine Dispenser
  • Chlorine Tablets
  • Pool Testing Kit, or other Hardware Stores.

Attachments for Drill:

  • 2.25" Arbor
  • 1.25" Arbor

You will also need:

  • Silicone - (Waterproof, the stronger the better.)
  • 4 Metal Hose Clamps - 1.25 " clamps (The ones intex sends are plastic.)
  • Optional*- 4 or 5 bags of sand. (Play Sand or Paver Sand which is more expensive)
  • Optional*- Dremel Tool with Sanding attachment to boar out the holes or to smooth edges as needed.

Preparing the Area

The first thing you need to do besides purchase all of your supplies, is decide an area to place the Stock Tank. You need to find the most level area away from trees or leaves that may fall in. Once you have that picked out, you will prepare the area by laying down a soft bed of sand. You could even use a large level tied to a board if you wanted to make sure it was perfectly level. The sand is a good idea because it provides a soft area between the ground and stock tank and may help provide drainage for the area. We had a cement slab in our yard where there used to be a shed, sort of an eyesore, so we utilized it for this project.

Drill the Holes.

Next step is drilling two holes with the Arbors you purchased.

*You see in the photo above that I have the Jet a bit above the inlet for the pump, however I suggest putting it lower at the same level, about in the middle of the tank because after we got a few people in the pool realized it had a bit of water displacement and should have been lower and not so close to the top.)

Begin drilling two holes, one hole which is 1.25" for the Inlet of the Pump, and another hole 2.25" big for the water return Jet. Hold the drill and Arbor straight and steady during this step. I used a plastic Stock Tank so I assume drilling a hole in the Metal Tank would take a bit more effort. (DON'T FORGET SAFETY GOGGLES.)

Intex Replacement Part Kit (disregard the part I marked.)
Intex Replacement Part Kit (disregard the part I marked.) | Source

Install Inlet and Return.

So we purchased the upgraded Return Jet, which means it takes a bigger hose which is why we needed the adapters and the bigger hole. The reason I like the upgraded return is because it gets a much tighter seal because it comes with a rubber gasket and threaded connect. Once you screw on the Jet with the rubber gasket and plastic washer, you will use the silicone caulk around the rim of the washer, as well as on the inside around the rim of the jet to create a watertight seal. You may than screw on the on/off attachment and than the adapter.

The inlet for the pump is not the upgraded inlet, it is the inlet for 1.25" hoses, it does not connect as well as the threaded connectors, for this reason I will try to purchase the bigger inlet in the future. For the inlet to connect properly you will need to silicone inside, outside, and around the inlet. I also caulked around the hose after I connected them.

Outside Wall of Pool
Outside Wall of Pool | Source

Connect Hoses and Pump

You can follow the pumps directions included for setup. Connect the hoses to the pool. (Use the metal hose clamps you purchased instead of the plastic ones because the plastic ones don't seem to get as tight.) Than connect to the pump.

*Do not fill the Stock Tank Pool until you have the pump connected.

*Do not turn on the pump until the Pool is full of water, once full you will need to purge air from the pump by unscrewing the plastic nut on top of the pump and than tightening it.

Tips and Tricks

The more silicone the better. We will be putting river rock around ours at some point to make it more appealing. We got the Black 6 foot Stock Tank which is 300 gallons, but you are able to chose whichever size you need. The pump filters 1000 gallons per hour so you only need to run it for a short period everyday. I hope you find this tutorial helpful, and please subscribe and/or drop a comment below. Good Luck!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James MizBejabbers 

      3 weeks ago from Beautiful South

      What a darling idea. We don't have small children, but sometimes a person just wants to hang out in some water in the backyard. Our hot tub has been out of commission for years, and who wants to lollygag around in a hot tub when the temperature is 99 degrees anyway. This is a much cheaper alternative. Thanks for the tutorial.


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