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How to Buy Aluminum Blinds

Updated on March 23, 2011

 Attractive and durable, aluminum blinds are window treatments that will look great and last and last. Unlike curtains, they don't stain easily and can be cleaned with a simple swipe of a damp cloth. They can also be adjusted to let as much light as you want into the room.  They can be closed for privacy and darkness, opened for full light or left somewhere in between.

Choose a Style

Most aluminum blinds are horizontal blinds with slats sized from 1/2 inch wide to around 2 inches wide.  However, there are also vertical aluminum blinds, which can be used for bigger windows and sliding doors.

Choose a Metal Gauge

Different gauges of aluminum can be used to construct aluminum blinds. Gauges are given as numbers, and the lower the number the weaker the aluminum, so a blind made from 8 gauge aluminum is stronger than one made from 6.  Blinds made of a stronger gauge of aluminum are more durable, and less likely to dent or bend.  However, they are more costly than lower gauge blinds.

Choose a Color

  Because they are so popular, aluminum blinds are available in just about any color you desire to coordinate with your home's furnishings and design style.

How to Install Aluminum Blinds


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