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How to Buy a Student’s Pine Writing Desk

Updated on September 22, 2010

If you have students at home or college who need a designated place to study and to complete school assignments then a pine writing desk would be a great choice. Pine writing desks are sturdy and economical and give student’s their own private and personal space to keep their schoolbooks and other supplies and to complete their homework assignments.

Shopping for this private space will require a little forethought. You will need to decide on a price range. This will vary widely depending on quality, size, whether the desk is prefinished or unfinished, and the type of storage options the student requires. Will the student need to have drawers or other compartments that lock for security? Would a bookcase or hutch be a nice option to help organize books? How much space to do have in the room? What type of finish would like you on the writing desk? Will you want to match the existing décor or do you want to let your student be creative and finish the desk. You may even want to take the student along so that they can participate in the whole decision making and buying process.

The price range will depend on the age of the student, the funds available and where this desk will be used. A small pine writing desk can be very inexpensive and offer all the convenience needed. These can start as low as $40. There are also many styles and sizes available in the one hundred dollar range and if you are looking for special features and more detailed designs these can be found in a higher price range.

The small writing desks are usually 23 inches wide and have a drawer for pens, pencils and papers. Larger ones can range up to 72 inches wide and offer more options for extra storage. These can have hutches, file drawers, cubbies and other options. The desk should fit comfortably in the space available and provide the student with enough worktop area for books, papers and a laptop.

Most pine writing desks are finished in a warm honey stain. The most popular painted ones are black and white. Unfinished pine writing desks are available and are less expensive and these can be finished in any color imaginable. Your student will be able to customize the desk as he or she chooses. Paint is inexpensive and will allow a young person to decorate his or her private space. You may choose to paint the desk or let your student have a go at it by letting them choose the paint colors and do the actual painting. And remember the desk can always be repainted at a later date when the florescent green or pumpkin orange color is outgrown.

For more information on student desks visit Writing Desk Specialist. It's easy to help a student choose a pine writing desk. A dedicated space to study and complete homework assignments could improve focus and result in better grades.


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