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How to Care for Geraniums

Updated on April 26, 2016

Different Kinds of Geraniums

Regal Geranium
Regal Geranium | Source
brocade are famous for their leaf patterns
brocade are famous for their leaf patterns | Source
cascading geraniums
cascading geraniums | Source

When I think of summer flowers the first one the comes to mind are geraniums. I love geraniums. Ever since I have had a home of my own I love making large potted arrangements and/or window boxes. They would not be complete without the geraniums.

I have found in past years if I placed my pots into the garage, free from the frost they would bloom again in the Spring. Now I know that there is a reason for this.

You can store your geraniums over the winter months. Simply remove them from their pot, shake off the extra soil and wrap the roots in newspaper. Store in a dark, cool, place such as your basement or garage. Soak roots once a month and in the Spring bring them out repot with a little fertilizer and water well In just a few weeks your plant will look new again.

Another neat thing to know is you can take root cuttings of your favorite geraniums to share with friends or use somewhere else.

Simply take a nice cutting at a right angle, place in a clear glass and allow to root. You may have to change your water when it turns cloudy. As soon as you see roots you can place in good potting soil (I like to use potting soil with beads that help hold water) and water well.

Geraniums like full to partial sun, regular water ( once daily in heat of summer) otherwise allow to dry out a little between watering. They simply need a good basic flower fertilizer of 10-20-10. They do get hungry so feed about every two weeks.Deadhead(pinch off dead or dying flowers) frequently to promote new blooms. Whenever I plant new flowers I pinch of all the flowers so the roots can spend their energy taking hold of their new surrounding and not so much in making new flowers. I usually am rewarded in spades later for this. Geraniums grow to a height of 12 to 24” . I like to put them in the center of my pots next to a tall ornamental grass.

Newer versions of geraniums have been developed that do better in the summer heat of the south then previous versions. These are Precision, Fantasia and Calliope.

Different geraniums are good for pots such as Zonsl, Regal, Fancy-leaf or brocade. Ivy Geraniums are great for baskets as are Alpine that tend to grow out and down the side of the basket. Brocade are best in their own pot because of their unique beauty.


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    • profile image

      Maxine Ross 3 months ago

      How best to keep my geraniums during the winter

    • profile image

      Joe patterson 6 months ago

      Great info. To think of all the money I could've saved had I known sooner how to reuse them

    • profile image

      Janet 3 years ago

      I just hope wheover writes these keeps writing more!

    • profile image

      Ahmed 3 years ago

      Wow, I just found your blog post about Laura Ashley while Googling her periwinkle fcbiras. I loved Laura Ashley, her stores, her fcbiras and just about everything she touched! I also loved going in her stores (had several in the Dallas/Fort Worth area). I painted my nursery periwinkle & used her periwinkle and white baby bedding. It was adorable. When it was time to sell the house I lady bought it because she liked the nursery so much! (she painted over it because she only had a 16 year old son). I painted my bedroom in the same periwinkle when I built again in 1992 (20 years ago) and bought her adult bedding to match. Though I have redone every room in my home I can't bring myself to redo my bedroom. I still love the periwinkle. (I did have to get new bedding but kept the wall color).Thanks so much for the post reminding me of such a talented lady and all the beauty she brought to not only my life but the world. She is greatly missed by many.

    • nancynurse profile image

      Nancy McClintock 3 years ago from Southeast USA

      Thanks so much for reading and your feedback!!!

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      Gorgeous flowers

    • nancynurse profile image

      Nancy McClintock 5 years ago from Southeast USA

      Thanks for reading Rosemay. I love them too. It just is not summer without them.

    • nancynurse profile image

      Nancy McClintock 5 years ago from Southeast USA

      Thanks so much for commenting and reading. I love that there are so many colors and varieties to choose from also.

    • nancynurse profile image

      Nancy McClintock 5 years ago from Southeast USA

      Thanks so much for commenting. I was so happy to learn the correct way to store them. It was only by accident the first few times my geraniums survived over the winter. A neat reward.

    • Rosemay50 profile image

      Rosemary Sadler 5 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

      A great hub, I love geraniums

    • unknown spy profile image

      IAmForbidden 5 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

      Geraniums are such a beauty. Thank you for sharing these great tips how to care for these flowers. I vote it up, useful and all.

    • lj gonya profile image

      lj gonya 5 years ago

      I love geraniums, and you are right. You can keep them over winter. I used to do that every year. Great hub and good advice.