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How to Care for Your House Plants

Updated on February 4, 2018

Disclaimer for How to Care for Your House Plants

My house plant care instructions are mostly for green foliage-type house plants. Flowering plants are excluded.

The Importance of Taking Care of Your House Plants

It is imperative that you take care of your house plants to keep them vibrant and healthy. Read gardening books or surf the net for plants' care advice and instructions. Even more importantly, put what you have learned into practice.

When to Water House Plants

If you are not sure if it's time to water your house plants, then it's probably time to water your house plants. No need to waste time trying to remember the last time you watered your plants. Just go ahead and water your plants while you are thinking about it.

How to Water Your House Plants

After selecting your preferred house plant, you want to be sure to keep it watered -- not drenched, just mildly watered. Over-watering your plants will cause the roots to rot.

There's no need to have a set schedule to water your house plants, unless you really want to. In fact, you may specifically pick house plants that do not require a lot of watering, if you like. If you are prone to forgetting to water your house plants, try to buy a type that do not require constant watering.

What if You Are Away from Your Plants An Extended Time

If you plan to go on a long trip or be away from your plant for an extended time, you may use automatic watering devices, water a little heavier than usual, or have someone water your plants for you while you are away.

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Should You Prune Your House Plants?

It is important to rid your plants of dead leaves. The dead leaves destroy the overall look of your plants, so the sooner you remove the dead leaves, the better for the plants. Once you remove the dead leaves, the plants have more space to fill in more foliage. When pruning your plants, make sure you are cut above the plant nodes. That way, new leaves can easily sprout.

Placement of Your House Plants in Your Home

Proper placement of house plants in your home is important and can make a difference between healthy plants or ones that are not. Depending on the type house plants you have, you have to be careful where you place them. For example, If your plants require or seem to flourish in bright sunlight, place the plants near a window or location where there's sunlight.

Your House Plant Choices

With so many choices of who and what can greet you or have around you in your home -- Why not choose beautiful house plants as companions? Their sheer aesthetic appeal will certainly brighten your day!

How to Take Care of Your House Plants


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