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How to Care for Your Violets

Updated on March 22, 2017

Violets grow in almost every home, because they are quite easy to look after, and don’t really require any special care. Still, there are certain rules. So, how to care for violets - read my tips:


So what is needed to control the temperature for violets? Luckily for those that don’t bother to change the temperature just for plants, violets require normal room temperature.


But violets do like the bright light, but at the same time, do not particularly welcome direct sunlight. Because of that my advice is: keep the flowers on the north window. If this is not possible, you can simply use the curtains of a fairly dense material to keep the bright rays from shining on the plant itself.


To grow your violet symmetrical and beautiful, turn it several times a week. Also, do not forget to remove wilted leaves and flowers. Keep violet away from drafts.

But the humidity in the room where the violet grows, should be high. It is best to keep root violets in the kitchen, because there's plenty of wet and hot air.

With regard to the parameters of the pot for violets, it is very important for its proper growth and development. Choose small plastic pots with a diameter of about fifteen centimeters and a height of at least ten centimeters.


It is important to remember that violets can not be filled up, it needs moderate watering. They should be watered about twice per week. When it’s flowering, the violet should be watered carefully. Do not pour water the flowers. In this period spraying could harm the plant, as this may cause various diseases. Use gentle method - watering from the pallet. It is necessary to fill the peat or wet sand and put a pot with a hole at the bottom of it. This is important for the free entry of water.


As for the soil for plants, there are certain rules to care for violets. So caring for violets at home the conditions of the flower should be closer to its natural habitat. Home violets prefer that the soil beneath them is loose and nutritious. The best soil for flowers - a mixture of humus, peat and sand conventional (ratio 5: 3: 1).

It is also important to feed violets properly. This should be done throughout the year, alternating mineral and organic fertilizers. During the winter, one feeding is enough.

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