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How to Catch and Get Rid of Voles in Your Yard

Updated on April 7, 2012
Voles in my Yard
Voles in my Yard

What is a Vole

A vole is an animal that sort of looks like a field mouse that live a lot of their life underground in burrows usually built by other animals. When you see theirs tunnels the first thing many people think is a mole. Well one give away is the presence of broom stick size holes all over because moles do not do this. I have a site I recommend here for Vole Traps

Voles live about 12-14 months and have litters every month usually and have between 2-6 per litter. The babies grow very fast and mature at 3 weeks, so you can see how this could get out of hand quickly. Many Voles can live in a nest or territory and your yard could have many different territories so in a small yard you could be doing 10-15 traps.

Traps for Voles

T-rex snap traps, or easy set mouse traps these work the best because of the arch or way they can be set over a vole hole.  Also I find these traps a little more sensitive but do cost a little bit more than a normal mouse trap.  These are also a lot easier to re-use and dispose of the vole easily.

Snap Traps For Getting Rid Of Voles

Also using a regular mouse trap from tomcat or V traps work well and are far less expensive than the easy set traps.  I have just as much luck with these as other traps.  It's best to buy these in bulk because like I said a small yard should have 10-15 traps to successfully keep up on getting rid of voles.  I have a large yard and have 32 traps lined up in groups of 4 traps at each what I think is a colony.  You usually want two traps per entrance and exit hole. like the picture to the right.

Trap Setup For Voles

Here's what your setup should look like the 2-3 traps are on the ground and a bucket is placed over the hole that your trying to lure them out of.  Make sure that you weight the bucket so that other animals can't get in to it as easy.  Squirrels love to take these traps and destroy.  I have lost 4 that way, with squirrels taking them and actually dismantle them.

Videos By Me on Voles

Baiting the Traps

The best bait to use in getting rid of voles is either diced up apples, or a combo of peanut butter and dry oatmeal.


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