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How to Replace the Pump on an Ice Maker

Updated on February 10, 2013

As the kitchen has evolved into the hub of the modern home, a freestanding ice maker has become an important design element for homeowners who entertain frequently and extensively. A stand-alone ice maker can produce several dozen pounds of ice in a short period of time, and can store close to 25 pounds of ice. The pump can malfunction for a number of reasons but is relatively simple to replace.

Replacement Steps

  • Take all of the ice out of the appliance, and remove the drain cap to drain the water pan.
  • Disconnect the water line, and then disconnect the ice maker from its power source, or flip off the appliance’s circuit breaker to prevent the possibility of burns, electrocution, or fires.
  • Remove the ice chute and the bracket that supports the ice scoop.
  • Take out the screws securing the water pan and then remove the water pan.
  • Remove screw securing pump’s plastic cover and then remove the pump’s cover.
  • Disconnect discharge hose from pump.
  • Pull water supply line out of pump’s base.
  • Remove screws holding pump in place. Some may be visible but one may be behind the pump. If so, the screw in the back will need an 8-inch socket extension. After removing all of the screws, the pump will hang down.
  • Squeeze the tabs on either side of the pump to unplug the electrical wires from the pump.
  • Take the pump out and install the replacement pump.
  • Reinsert the electrical wires and then insert and tighten screws holding pump in place. Reinsert water supply line in pump’s base.
  • Connect discharge hose.
  • Replace the pump’s cover, insert and tighten screws.
  • Put water pan back and tighten pan’s screws.
  • Replace the ice chute and brackets.
  • Reconnect the water line and power.


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