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How to Choose Blinds For Your Home

Updated on January 27, 2013

 If you're looking for a versatile and attractive window treatment, consider blinds.  With a variety of styles, colors and materials to select from, you're almost certain to find a blind that coordinates perfectly with your home's design scheme.

Choose a Material

Look around at the different types of blinds available. You will see warm wooden blinds, sleek metal blinds, vinyl blinds and blinds made from fabric.

Choose a Color

 You can stick with a safe neutral or pick up one of the colors used in the room's furnishing, such as cinnamon or peacock blue.  Blinds are available in a rainbow of shades and colors. 

Choose a Type of Blinds

Horizontal blinds are the most common. Made with horizontal slats, these blinds available in different widths to suit the homeowner's tastes and needs. As their name suggests, the slats of vertical blinds hang down. Where horizontal blinds are usually used for smaller windows, vertical blinds are the choice for large windows and sliding doors. Matchstick blinds are constructed from slim sticks of wood and can be rolled up.

Watch this helpful video for more tips on how to choose blinds for your home.


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