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How to Choose Lamp Shades For Chandeliers

Updated on March 13, 2010

There are many types of chandeliers. There are the robust, wrought iron ones, there are crystal chandeliers which are absolutely exquisite, then there are the candle chandeliers which exude a romantic air, and lastly there are the dainty lamp shade chandeliers, with their massive frame, and the lamp shades are connected to the top. These are obviously meant for large rooms.

Lamp shade chandeliers are special because of their flexibility to provide a stunning array of moods by changing just the lamp shades. The frame for these chandeliers is usually simple, generally constructed out of iron or wood, since it is senseless for it to be ornate as it will be covered by the shades. The type of the lamp shade will determine the look of your chandelier. This can be a regular cone, a bell-shaped or circular one such as the Chinese-style lamp shades, and the material can be anything, ranging from silk, beads, handmade paper or simple printed fabric. Instead of being plain, they should be colored, so that the chandelier gives off a diffused, tinted glow.

You must be well aware that the right kind of lighting can alter the mood of a room drastically, changing it from cheery and bright to subtle and warm at the gentle turn of a knob. This is why choosing the perfect chandelier lamp shades is something worth the time and money it might cost you. Most interior designers discourage the use of cream-colored or white lamp shades, as they are slightly boring, and you would want the light in the room to add a visual stimulus to the space for you and your visitors. With the right chandelier lamp shades, you have control over the atmosphere and mood of your room and can mould it to be exactly the way you want it, while flattering your décor.

It will be best if the chandelier lamp shades match and complement the décor of your room in mood as well as color. Lamp shade chandeliers are, in fact, the only type which you can coordinate with your room with ease, as these are the most versatile of all the types of chandeliers.

Patterned and colored lamp shades for chandeliers are perfect if you want the room to be warm and colorful. Avoid following the norm and gravitating towards plain shades, and try to experiment with color. You will be able to create warmth with the way the lamp shade will disburse the light.

However, it is not just color which is an important feature of chandelier lamp shades. The shape and size is also important. Make sure that the shade you pick out is not too large or small for your chandelier. Also try to coordinate the shape with that of other fixtures in the room, but don't try to repeat the same shape for all. Pick out each shade individually and try not to panic if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for.


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    • sonia05 profile image

      sonia05 7 years ago from india

      nice hub!!! lights in a room set the mood of a home! hence,lighting becomes very important for making ones home cheerful or gloomy!