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How to Choose a Flower Garden Design - With Pictures

Updated on February 7, 2014

Often time we purchase plants and flowers impulsively without planning a spot for them in our gardens. Instead of buying on impulse, make an inventory of your garden before choosing a flower garden design. Take note of how much of your garden is sunny vs. shady, whether the soil has proper drainage and how much wind will affect your plants. Decide how many plants you want in each area of your garden. You may even want to make a blueprint of your garden.

Be sure to test the pH levels of your soil as well, and make a list of nutrients your garden may need. Since some plants prefer acidic soil over alkaline soil, it is important to test your pH levels. Instead of changing what type of soil you have, simply buy plants that suit your existing soil.

Take these notes with you each time you go to the home and garden store. That way, you can buy on impulse, but make educated decisions.

Another thing to consider is how to group your plants. If you randomly place your plants, they can look disorganized. Instead, opt for grouped designs. Mix colors, textures and heights to create a bouquet look.

When buying potted plants, you can arrange the groups to get a feel for the design. Choose groups of three or five, which often look better than even-numbered groups.

To assure your garden lasts for years to come, plant away from trees. The roots will grow rapidly throughout the years, and can kill and uproot flower beds. Not only can roots cause displacement, they will suck up the nutrients and water intended for your flowers.

Use your eye for design to cultivate the perfect garden. Keep in mind color coordination, including foliage color. Foliage color ranges from green to silver to purple, so consider this factor when designing your garden.

Instead of buying your plants on impulse, take the time to learn the art of flower garden design. It can make the difference between a cluttered garden and a work of art.


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