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How to Choose the Best Citrus Juicer 2017

Updated on August 10, 2017

Fruits are the essential part of healthy diet. If you are not consuming a healthy portion of fruits on daily basis then you are losing a huge amount of rich vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in your diet. Fruit juices are best alternatives and adequate solutions for those who hesitate the consumption of raw fruits.

If you love a fresh glass of Citrus juice then the citrus juicer is an ideal way to get the job done. A variety of citrus juicers both electronic and manual are available in the market but the best citrus juicer is the one which allows you to get flavor and nutrition in your juice as well. I have collected features, specs and armature reviews of some citrus juicers available in the market to narrow down your choices.

Before we get started, take a quick review of some recommendations:

Is it easy to use?

Ease of use is first and foremost important consideration. When it comes to making a choice among several juicers, you have to take care of usability aspect of the device. Check sensitivity and power of the juicer. You must have to take a quick review of the pressure required to operate the machine.

Manual or electric?

Citrus juicers are available in two flavors only. These machines are manual or electric. Manual citrus juicers are cheap, lightweight and easy to clean, easy to operate and save energy consumption as well. These machines are reliable but not suitable for the aged people because a lot of arm power is required in this case to squeeze out the juice from a fruit. On the other hand, electric citrus juicers are the best if you have to juice regularly.

Is it easy to assemble, disassemble and clean up?

In some cases, assembly and cleanup process take more time than the time juicing takes. So I recommend you to make your life easier with a juicer which has few parts to wash.

Can it juice many kinds of citrus fruits?

A versatile juicer which is capable of providing the juice from lime to large grapefruits is the best one. Citrus juicers with different sizes of the reamer cones can add variety to your juice diet.

What about the pulp?

Do you like pulp juice? Don't worry if you don't want pulp in your juice. There are juicers which are coming with the strainer in it to collect the pulp and seeds from the juice and allow you to enjoy a juice as per your choice. Some citrus juicers are also available which allow you to remove the strainer whenever you want to make juice with pulp. It is not only great for pulp lovers but it also saves you from the cleaning of a strainer.

Is it loud?

Manual juicers are the silent but if you have an electric juicer then noise can be a problem for you. While purchasing the best citrus juicer, make sure that it does not produce the loud noise.

Here is the list of some best citrus juicers:

Waring PCJ201 Citrus Juicer

Cut an orange into half and juice several oranges a day with Waring PCJ201 Citrus Juicer. Powerful motor and the reamer are making this machine remarkably great for citrus juices. Take all the juice out from the fruit by just making the use of this quite exceptional invention of technology. Heavy duty metal base vibration absorbing rubber feet and dishwasher are some of the most significant features of the product. Heavy duty metal base makes the device stable and vibration absorbing rubber keep it safe from slipping. You can disassemble the device for easy cleaning and extract the juice from citrus fruits such as lime to grapefruits.

Easy to use and easy to clean-up capability of the device is making it just great. You just have to disassemble the machine and clean up the reaming cone and the container which holds the juice. If we talk about the downside of the machine then you should have to be aware of that this heavy duty metal power juicer is made up of plastic and the pulp holder of the machine is very small. You have to make empty during the juicing. Ease of use capability of the device makes it suitable for elderly couples.

Black & Decker CJ525 CitrusMate Plus Citrus Juicer

If you are looking for an exclusively best citrus juicer for yourself then Black & Decker CJ525 CitrusMate Plus Citrus Juicer is here for you. Highly efficient self-reserving reamer capacity for more than one-quarter juice and adjustable pulp control feature is here for you. Easy pour spout, small and large cones for lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits are distinguishing the product in citrus juicers market. This seems light and flimsy but this small sized device is suitable for your kitchen counter already filled with a large number of appliances.

This juicer extracts maximum quality of juice in less time which is effective and efficient. It works best and highly recommended by a large number of investors and experts. Easy to use and easy to clean capability of the device is making it different from the other devices. All you need to do is to install the cone, plug it and press the fruit down into the cone to squeeze the juice out of it automatically. You can squeeze the juice of one or two glasses from this cone on daily basis but if you want to have a large amount of juice then you must have to go professional model costing a lot more.

Here is a top list of 5 Citrus Juicers 2017

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Hamilton Beach 932 – Best Manual Citrus Juicer

Hamilton Beach 932 is gigantic manual juicer specialized in squeezing liquid from grapefruits, oranges and etc. Rack and pinion gearing allows you to extract the large quantity of juice up to 2000 pounds. You can extract maximum juice by applying minimum force on it. Removable strainer cone is making the mixer easy to clean and easy to use. Heavy duty metal construction of the device allows the users to squeeze the juice from all type of fruits. Create delicious juice effortlessly from fresh fruits in your kitchen. Powerful extractor arm allows you to extract the huge amount of juice with minimum pulp and residue. Strainer cone and funnel make the device work efficiently and effectively.

High efficiency and blazing operational speed are making the device remarkable in citrus juice extracting market. Swing-out collector cup catches the juice for easy retrieval and an acid resistant finish covers the entire citrus juicer for long lasting durability and usability of the device. This commercial juicer remains sturdy with sure-grip, non-skid feet. Ultimately the choice for best citrus juicer depends on your need and the money which you have but this device will pay you off by making the juice extracting experience easy and fun for you.

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