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How to Choose the Best Hand Held Blender

Updated on October 22, 2016

Best Hand Held Blender For Your Kitchen Appliance

Traditional jug blenders aren’t your only option as far as blenders: also consider hand-held or immersion models. If you go the hand blender route, it is important to find the highest-quality model that you can afford. It would be a waste of money to buy a $100 immersion blender and find that it breaks after a few months.

Consider these factors when shopping for a best hand held blender:

  • How noisy is it when in use?
  • Is it comfortable to hold?
  • Are the blades stainless steel? Are they sturdy and solid-feeling?
  • How easy is it to clean? Is the parts dishwasher-safe?

Some immersion blenders feature attachments such as whisks and choppers. If the model you are considering comes with these extra features, find out if they work as well as the blender itself, because you will pay a premium for these attachments and it would be a waste of money if they don’t work well.

Here are some recommendations for high quality best hand blenders that will be a reliable and handy addition to your kitchen.

Cuisinart CSB-76 Smart Stick Hand Blender

Cuisinart CSB-76 Smart Stick Immersion Hand Held blender has the benefit of a very low price compared to similar models sold today. It compares well against other blenders in terms of cost, ease of use and reliability. The nice thing about a hand blender is that it can prepare soups, frozen drinks or pancake batter in the bowl or pot that you are using, as opposed to pouring it into or from a blender pitcher. It’s fun to use and won’t cramp your hand to hold it. The parts are dishwasher safe, which is a convenient plus. Simply detach the blades assembly from the motor part, throw it in with the dinner dishes and walk away!

Users have praised the CSB-76, saying that it is more solidly constructed than many of its competitors, and touting its clean features. Attractive features like the extra long mixer wand and detachable base also got high marks. With these features, whipping up a big batch of yummy foods or drinks is no problem.

CSB-76 hand blender is a very quiet model, as blenders go. This may be a real consideration if you live in an apartment or keep odd hours and don’t want to disturb your family with a crack-of-dawn smoothie.

KitchenAid KHB300 Hand Held Blender

If you are an avid cook and want to try a hand blender, then KitchenAid KHB300 may be another great option for you from the best hand blenders. The mini chopper is a great gadget for quick food processing tasks that don’t warrant getting out the countertop blender for.

A hand blender is a very versatile tool that allows a user to do such diverse tasks as beating egg whites and whipping up a batch of soup directly in the pot you are cooking it in. One of the benefits of immersion blending is definitely the ease of cleanup – no transferring from bowl to blender jug and back to bowl.

This blender has nine speed ranges to choose from, and this is a great feature. You have such a range of things you could do with this wide variety of settings. An elderly or physically weak user could start out slowly with blending and work up the settings until they find the speed at which the blender is too hard to hold.

The KHB300 comes with a chopper attachment that is a big hit with most users completing reviews online. With it, you can chop garlic, onions or salad ingredients easily and conveniently, with much less cleanup than a food processor would need.

Some online reviewers have complained that this KitchenAid blender doesn’t last long enough. It does, after all, have plastic parts. Many reviewers noted that their blenders broke after about a year, but some reviewers noted that theirs have kept going for years.

Do You Like Hand Blending?

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Proctor Silex 59735 Immersion Hand Blender

If you plan to do only light blending tasks and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, consider the Proctor Silex 5973 Immersion Hand Held Blender. This blender is really exceptional among the best hand blenders that feature a 120 watt motor that can efficiently complete tasks like mixing and blending ingredients. Making foods like smoothies, salsa and mashed potatoes is a snap with this handy device.

This hand blender is comfortable to hold and easy to use. At about 14 inches long, it allows a user to reach all parts of a bowl or pot. Nonstick cookware will be protected by the guard covering the blade, which itself is plastic. The guard also prevents most of the splatters caused by hand blenders. Don’t forget to ensure that the blade is completely submerged before starting the blender, though!

The most impressive feature of this hand blender from Proctor Silex might well be its price. It is priced lower than almost any immersion blender on the market today. Amazon seems to be the most economical place to buy it.

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