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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cookware

Updated on April 7, 2013
well arranged kitchen makes cooking enjoyable!
well arranged kitchen makes cooking enjoyable! | Source

The kitchen should be a very a clean place since the food is is prepared there. This therefore translates directly to one's well being. Kitchen cookwares are containers that are used in preparing food. Kitchen cookwares differ in many ways since they are of different material,weight,shape,and size.

Common kitchen cookwares

Kitchen cookwares include: Pans (this include Saute pans,braising pans, roasting pans,casserole pans,frying pans,broiling pans cake pans,pie pans and sheet pans) mixing bowls,cookware sets, glass jars,kettles,pots, and also includes other kitchen utensils.

Cookware materials

Kitchen cookwares can be any of the following material: Metallic, like copper for good heat distribution,aluminium which cannot be corroded easily,stainless steel for non-corrosive and non-reactive cookware,carbon steel for high heat and ability to shape into thin sheets or be coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to result into non-stick cookwares that don't allow food to stick to the surface of the cooking device. There can also be coated cookwares like enameled cast iron for proper heat retention,not sticky and not reactive properties, clad aluminium for stainless surface heat conduction or enamel over steel for rust and reactive resistant cookware. Other cookwares can be non-metallic like those made of glass which can be used at oven temperatures and food cooking can be clearly seen,stone for heat diffusion,and silicone for flexibility and temperature sustenance.

Purchasing the best cookware

It should not be obvious that a good cookware is always expensive since there are vital issues that one has to put into consideration. It should be moderately heavy for better heat conduction, should be durable,easy to clean, not reactive to food and affordable. It should also work well with your preferences and eating habits.

Maintaining kitchen cookware tips

Kitchen cookwares should be well maintained to ensure that there are no inconveniences when they are needed for use. They should be cleaned using soapy warm water,be repaired immediately in case of breakdowns,wiped clean and insulate electrical devices.

Safety tips for kitchen cookware

While enjoying one's cooking,it is equally important for one to ensure that safety measures are taken into consideration. For instance, while the cookware is hot,one should not touch it, one should be careful while pouring watery food into hot cookware like a hot pan as this is likely into result in burns.

For electric devices like electric ovens,they should not be wiped while still hot nor should they be touched with wet hands as this will lead to electric shocks. They should be handled with maximum care so as to be safe as you work in the kitchen.

Organizing the kitchen cookware

The cookwares in the kitchen should be placed in proper position to avoid accidents which ar likely to occur due to poor arrangement. The kitchen should be made tidy,be well spaced and cookware should be well stored. This is because cutlery and other sharp objects may result into accidents like cuts due to careless storage. Poor storage can also lead to injuries as one crosses or moves over the poorly organized kitchen cookwares. This therefore means that, cookwares performing the same function should be placed in a similar position for easy access and retrieval. Once your kitchen is well organized, cooking will take less time to complete. Try these tips at home and let me know what you think. I will be glad to help you out.


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      Geoffrey Kerosi 5 years ago from Nairobi

      Come and learn with us on how to chose the best kitchenware!