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How to Choose the Best Small Kitchen Design

Updated on April 7, 2013

There are thousands of kitchen designs in the world. One design which looks good to you can be a bad design for another design. This difference comes in for the fact that we have varying tastes and preferences. When you have a very small kitchen due to space, it becomes very challenging to plan your kitchen perfectly. Despite that, I am going to take you through some tips which can help you in choosing the most suitable design for your kitchen. You can adopt any one of the designs illustrated in this hub.

Most people have a dream of one day owning a large kitchen which can accommodate all the basic requirements in any modern kitchen. The designs we are going to discuss are those which give you ample space to remodel and change your kitchen in ways which are suitable to you. We sometimes admire huge kitchens because there you can easily entertain your family members and close friends. This does not mean that if you own a small kitchen you are doomed. No. You can maintain a unique style for your kitchen. A small kitchen design is actually cozy. It is easier to clean every day.

The process of redesigning a small kitchen involves making changes on three aspects. These are: Appliances, storage and lighting. If you make the changes proposed in this hub, you will have a fantastic hub.

What are the Challenges facing Small Kitchen design

It is very challenging to design a small kitchen but if you take your time, the outcome can be very stunning to you and the people who visit your kitchen.

The reason for operating a small kitchen is that of having a limited budget and the restrictions brought about by the design of the building. Despite that there are several ways of making the designing process a great event in your life.

Tips to follow when designing a small kitchen

· It is very important for you to always buy appliances which are a bit smaller in order to fit in your kitchen. When you have small appliances, it will save you a lot in terms of space. Some appliances can be placed inside the cabinets in order to save on space.

· Make a good use of the center of your kitchen. This should be the storage area for your kitchen. This point can be accessed from any part of your small kitchen.

· You can decide to show off your pots and pans by hanging them in the pot rack. This will be one good way of utilizing the available space.

· For the gallery kitchen design, the cabinets are lined on both sides of a corridor! This is a very good design for a small kitchen design. When you see this design, you will be impressed!

· You can use light in a creative way to create an impression of the availability of more space. There are several options in that direction. The choice that you make depends on your tastes and preferences.

· The storage counters should be made deeper to create more working space in your small kitchen. These counters will hold a large number of kitchen items hence making the kitchen to look larger that it actually is.

· When you place the floor tiles diagonally, you will create an illusion of a larger kitchen.

· Create open shelves where you can store your utensils.

· Create an eating area. This can be done with the economy of space by using a dropping table and a couple of chairs.

The above are some of the tips you can implement in your small kitchen to make it look bigger.


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