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How to Choose the Perfect House for Yourself

Updated on December 4, 2007

This brand new article is a guide book for you even if you are poor or rich as hell. There's a perfect house waiting for you out there. You can select the house fitting your budget and start thinking of your new house desing. (designing your house is harder than choosing your house)

A House of Your Own


The cheapest place to live. You can just take your tent and go to a camping place live your whole life in misery or go out to the wild and live your free life until you get eaten by wild animals.

Estimated Budget: 50$


What a great idea to have a mobile house. You don't like the neighborhood, don't move to a new house, move your house to a new neighborhood. Is it too hot? Start driving north. Although there are a lot of fun things you can do with your van the possibility of your house getting hit by a truck is depressing.

Estimated Budget: 1000$-50.000$

Boat - Yacht

Just like a van, boat is great idea if you want to have a mobile house and you are a man of sea. There is also a great advantage of acquiring your meal by just swinging a fish hook down your house. Don't forget the possibility of sinking down in a storm.

Estimated Budget: 500$-100.000$

Studio Apartment

Just a room and a bath room. If that is all you need you can live in a studio apartment. What you need to do is drink large amounts of alcohol and give an artistic impression to people.

Estimated Budget: 50.000$-300.000$

Apartment House

This is where the majority of world population lives. So if you are a person believing normality is good buy an apartment house. It is the real American Dream. Buy a house with mortgage work rest of your life paying for it. Feels Great!!

Estimated Budget: 75.000$-750.000$


If you are considering to buy houses from here and below the list first of all you should consider giving me some money. Villa's are great if you have so much money and you want to feel like a Roman Empire Mayor or an Elite from Renaissance Italy. You can build a little pool in your garden, have killer dogs to released to in that garden to kill envying poor people like me. What a Joy..

Estimated Budget: 250.000$-4.000.000$


Dear poor community. Don't be suprised. Rich people can buy castles. Actually there are many castles for sale in europe. Maybe you can buy a cheap bargain. Just check this place for example and start crying:

If you are considering to buy a castle give me some money first.

Estimated Budget: 1.500.000$-15.000.000$


I don't want to talk about this. If you buy an island give me a small place to stay. I won't bother you. (Though sometimes you may hear me screaming "You Rich *****")

Estimated Budget: 1.500.000$-???

Note: If you seriously crazy enough to think of giving me money contact me :)


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I want a house, for me and my husband. None of these houses are big enough for my family. me, my 6 children , and my husband. please help i need a 8 person house. and i do not choose to build, because we have a baby on the way!! due in 1 week!! and we want to move into the house when she is atleast, 2 weeks old. so in 3 weeks. will that be possible? YEA! i want it to be!! :D

    • 2patricias profile image


      10 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      Entertaining hub. Thanks

    • profile image

      Jan Tincher 

      10 years ago

      I like your hub. I have a web site that complements it, Exceptional House Plans. You can find it here: <a href="" target="_blank">Exceptional House Plans</a>

      <a href=" target="_blank">How To Build The Perfect House . . . How To Pick The Perfect Floor Plan!</a>


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