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How to Choose the Right Size Room Divider Folding Screen

Updated on February 24, 2013
This RGB  room divider is 7ft tall and two three panel screens are used to create a division in a room
This RGB room divider is 7ft tall and two three panel screens are used to create a division in a room | Source

Based on how you are going to use the room divider should determine the size of the screen you should get.

A room divider screen is an interesting piece of furniture as well as accessory. Folding screens or room dividers come in all sizes, meaning different heights and panels. Depending on the how it is used should determine the right size needed. There are many ways one can use a room divider screen. First you have to ask yourself if you need the divider to function to create a division in a space, create privacy, partition or section off a space.

The minimum number of panels a folding screen should have in order to section off a room, should be no less than 4 panels. Four panels makes for a good dressing screen as well. Four panel screens can be free standing in the middle of a room and expand to over 50" of floor coverage.

Five to ten panels will be ideal to section off a room to make it independent from the rest of the space. Sizes this wide are used to make the dining room completely separate from the living room. They are also used in larger areas like basements or for guests that have to stay in common areas where there is no spare guest room. Eight to ten panel screens are wide enough to section off corners of a room.

For privacy, you need a minimum of 6ft. Five foot screens also work well for privacy for smaller rooms or lower ceilings. Seven ft screens work better in spaces with higher ceilings, as well as more larger and open spaces.

Short folding screens in 2ft, 3ft and 4ft do not create privacy while standing, however work well for desk or office areas. Panel screens used for sectioning off a desk work well in 4ft heights, so one's head is not visible while seated. Screens measuring 2ft in height work well as privacy partitions on top of desks, or can be used in front of tables for modesty reasons. Some people This size screen can also be used on window sills to block light instead of curtains.


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