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How to Tidy Your Room Without Getting Bored

Updated on January 2, 2013

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So you own a bedroom? Well done, but I presume since your on this page it isn't exactly tidy. Perhaps you lack the motivation? Or just haven't bothered to tidy it in a few weeks, months, days? Never fear, your room tidying guide is here! Depending on how long you have left your room in a mess, this operation can be quite a big one, so pull up those sleeves, hype yourself up and get ready to tidy! What your about to go through is not for the faint hearted, you'll be on your knees, crawling under your bed, and searching through nooks and crannies of your room that you probably forgot even existed. Some people are naturally gifted at keeping things neat and tidy, (or perhaps they just have OCD), and others need to be told again and again by parents or spouses to tidy their room. In this hub I will outline some hints and tips that have been passed down from my ancestors, to make the room-tidying experience as painless as possible.

Put on Music

Put on some up tempo, fast music; stay away from anything mellow or relaxing. Your tidying your room remember! For this, you need music to get you pumped up, to get you in the mood. So put away your relaxing music and get out some fast tempo dance/trance/rock, whatever you're into, as long as it serves the purpose of putting you into a room-tidying mood. Turn it up as loud as possible, this should block out all distractions, or may add one in the form of angry neighbours knocking at your door, so perhaps keep it within reason. Turn it up as loud as you can though. Use the music to challenge yourself, see how much you can get tidied during a song. Music is vital, you will quickly become bored if you try to tidy your room without it.

The Cleaning Process

Here we go. Are you ready? Of course you are, you were born ready. This moment has been a long time coming but here it is. Your room will soon be tidy.

1: Make your bed if it is not already made. Take the bulk of the rubbish from your floor and dump it on your bed. Voila, you can see your floor again! Sort this rubbish into two piles, stuff to keep and stuff to throw away. Be ruthless, don't hold on to things you don't need. When this is done, get a black bag for the rubbish your throwing away, and boxes to store the stuff you are keeping, such as shoe boxes.

2: Now that your floor space is clean you need to sort out all the nooks and crannies. Sweep out everything from under the bed and dressers. Make sure you don't leave any floor space undone. This is going to be a thorough job, you want to be proud of your new improved bedroom. Once again, sort the stuff you find into things to keep and things to throw away. You'd be surprised the amount of stuff that gets lost in the unknown expanses of your room.

3: Next theres your clothes. No doubt in that pile on your bed a large pile of clothes has accumulated. Throw them all into the wash. All of them. They have more then likely become quite smelly lying around your room; and when they are washed, make sure to neatly put them away.

4: By this stage your room should look a lot better than it did. However, we still have quite a way to go. It's time to pull out the dreaded surface cleaners and hoover. This part of the cleaning process isn't actually that bad. Using your music as your inspiration, systematically hoover across your bedroom floor, getting into the corners, nooks and crannies. After this, wipe down all the surfaces with the surface cleaner. No doubt a lot of dust has gathered in your room, amongst other forms of bacteria, so don't skip this step! Personally this is the step I dislike the most, not quite sure why, I just do. However, it has to be done.

5: Almost done. Have a final look around your room and make sure everything is tidy. Open your windows and spray an air freshener. Now your room will smell nice as well as look good. A major change in both departments, untidy rooms seem to have the characteristic of a bad smell.

There You Have It!

Your room is now tidy! Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it! It wasn't that bad now was it? Make sure to tidy your room weekly; it's a lot easier than having to do a major tidy up every few months. After that big tidy up you should reward yourself with something you enjoy, such as a bottle of coke (or beer, depending on your age). Now that your room is tidy you can rearrange some furniture if you wish. You don't need to, but sometimes change is good and it can give your room a new look and feel. Well done on tidying your room, you should be proud of yourself. You are now in that exclusive group of people who have tidy bedrooms. Enjoy and cherish it, it is an honour you have earned.


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    • profile image

      Tobin 7 months ago

      It was interesting, but wen your room is super incredibly messy, it doesn't work all that well.

    • profile image

      Katie 2 years ago

      I find this really helpful

    • nathalia27 profile image

      Nancy 2 years ago

      Yeah, tidying your bedroom weekly is better than a month or even months.

    • Carolyn M Fields profile image

      Carolyn Fields 2 years ago from South Dakota, USA

      Using music to help get going is a great idea!

    • profile image

      Gout 5 years ago

      Omg that really helped

    • breakingnews profile image

      breakingnews 6 years ago from Pakistan

      good info fir bed rooms

    • profile image

      bb 6 years ago

      it was ok didn't really help me!