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How to Create That Sexy Hot Master Bedroom

Updated on July 17, 2011

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is one place where passion can inspire design . The master bedroom is the most private and intimate room in the home. Married couples are the ones who need the most help with the bedroom, especially after the kids are born. The bedroom becomes the family room with kids, dogs, toys, clutter ect. This is about taking back the control of the room and making it into that special place for a couple. There are a few steps that need to be taken before the transformation can get started.

De-clutter the room and throw away everything that is not sexy ! This means the piles of books and stacks of magazines, it all needs to go.


Painting The Room

Paint the walls a color that makes you and your partner feel sexy by picking out the paint color together. Certain colors of paint will evoke different emotions and can make the room feel smaller and more intimate or larger and more open when decorating. Either one of these options will work depending on the couples preference. For a more intimate room use darker colors such as: Eggplant, tomato, cinnamon, chocolate, and moss green. All of these colors are warm, but none are primary colors. The colors that will keep the room cool and open are: Slate, sea foam, custard, cream, cool grey, soft white,celery green.


Enhancing the mood

Creating a mood for the master bedroom is essential, and this can be achieved through, lighting, sound fabric and decorating accents.

A classical and sexy idea for lighting is to add a candle chandelier in the center of the room. When the other lights are off and the candles are lit, this will create a soft flickering glow throughout the room.



Make the master bedroom the focal point of the room, by adding lush, soft, sexy, silky and inviting bedding. The worst look for a sexy room is a stiffly tailored untouchable bed cover. The sexy, sizzling bed is one that invites you in, and envelopes the body. The perfect bedding would be a duvet cover that is made from a crushed velvet, soft cotton, or natural silk and filled with a fluffy down comforter. The pillows need to be inviting as well, made from down feathers and covered in decorative rich soft textured patterns. The sheets of the bed are a definite place to splurge. The sheets need to be soft, durable, and of a high thread count.


 Adding a water feature is a wonderful way to bring sound into the room.  The peaceful tone of dripping water, or more of a cascading fall will add that necessary element.

Accessorizing the room

Animal prints will add a touch of the wild side to any room and can create that perfect accent. The animal print can be in an area rug in the middle of the room, upholstered chair or lounge, even some accent pillows.

Adding all of these elements to the master bedroom will help to create the adult space in the home that can be enjoyed for years.


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