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How to Declutter Your Whale

Updated on November 16, 2013

Just imagine that you lived in the perfect beach apartment. You woke up every morning to the freshest of air and a wonderful view. But then one morning you looked out and saw a dead whale situated on your part of the beach. You knew that the longer it stayed there the worse it would become, so you had to get rid of it as quickly as possible. What would you do?

I have a few helpful suggestions as to what to do if a whale washed up on the shore of your home one day...

1. Ignore it

Many people, who have a big problem right in front of them, will just ignore it. If you don’t look at it, you can pretend it doesn’t exist and then you won’t be bothered by it. Maybe it will go away all by itself, and if you don’t think about it, it won’t be your problem. But it is your problem. The longer it stays, the more it will smell and the harder it will be to get rid of. Ignoring it is not a good solution.

2. Ask a friend for help

Many people when faced with a large problem will first phone a friend, especially a friend who has dealt with a similar problem in the past. Phoning a friend is definitely a good idea.

3. Call a professional

If your problem is too big to cope with, there are many professionals who are willing to help you – for a fee.

4. Advertise it for sale

When you have too much of something, selling it is always an option. You would have to decide if you wanted to sell it whole or in pieces. Would you cut it up yourself or get someone else to cut it up for you?

5. Freecycle it

If you can’t sell something, many people will come to your home and pick it up for free. The favorite phrase on Freecycle is, “Take all and Freecycle what you don’t want.” In the case of a beached whale, you might have to warn the Freecycler that he would need a large tow truck or a chain saw.

Now imagine that it’s not a whale that’s washed up on your shoreline, but a huge pile of clutter that is filling your home. What would you do with it? The options are surprisingly the same.

1. Ignore it

Unlike large marine mammals, clutter doesn’t arrive suddenly, but slowly over time. You don’t wake up one morning to discover a huge pile of clutter, you ignore it daily and it becomes a whale of a problem.

2. Ask a friend for help

Being somewhat organized myself, I seem to attract friends who attract clutter. I’m always being asked how I would deal with something if it were in my home. There is a wealth of information amongst your friends on how to get rid of stuff you don’t want, and if you don’t get help from friends, there’s always the Google search.

3. Call a professional

There are many professionals who are only to wiling to pass on their advice. The minus is that you have to pay them, but many will give amazing advice for just one hour of their time. Also ask if they run classes as they are cheaper than private consultations.

4. Advertise it for sale

If you have something that you don’t want that has saleable value, you can turn your unwanted stuff into money that can be used for something that you do want.

5. Freecycle it

Apart from genuine trash, I have yet to find something that I cannot Freecycle. I have seen the unsold leftovers from garage sales go fast when declaring All is free. I have seen broken toys be Freecycled and other things I couldn’t imagine anyone would want. I have, however, never Freecycled anything as big as a whale, although I think it would be fun to try!

What not to do with your clutter....

The Infamous Exploding Whale


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    • TinasTreasures profile image

      TinasTreasures 6 years ago from California

      Millionaire Tips - This was an entry for a competition where they were wanting unique subjects that no one had ever written about. As a joke hubby said he thought no one had ever written about decluttering a whale - so I wrote about it!

      And if anyone ever were to search Google on the topic, well this is on the first page!

    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 6 years ago from USA

      Now I will know exactly what to do when a whale washes up in my midwest home. Fun read - and good ideas too.

    • CaliGirlsCorner profile image

      CaliGirlsCorner 6 years ago

      That's so funny. The things people do.

    • PDXBuys profile image

      PDXBuys 6 years ago from Oregon

      Love the exploding whale video! I grew up in Oregon and remember this (Nov. 12, 1970). Paul Linnman was a reporter for KATU in Portland for many years.

    • Geolina profile image

      Geolina 6 years ago

      That was fun to read - just perfect!

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Hahaa! Well... I sure do feel prepared now! Should... the event arise of course.