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How to Decorate With Red Oriental Rugs?

Updated on September 26, 2013

The owners of genuine Oriental and Persian rugs are very fortunate to decorate their homes with a piece of art and history. A red oriental carpet makes a bold impression and lays down a perfect foundation of the room. It reflects a sense of tradition and helps spread a feeling of warmth. The bold red color makes a powerful impression and looks classic. Whether you own an inherited red oriental rug or purchased it, showcasing it appropriately carries great significance.

Red Oriental area rugs are best for interior decorating.Analyze your rug properly in order to discover the dominant colors in the design. Usually red colored rugs come with patterns of cream and different shades of blue. Black is also a dominant color in carpets with red themes. Make sure that you make the best use of colors while planning decoration ideas for ideal interior decoration.

The red oriental rugs must be placed in areas where you can get entertained effectively. Your hand made rug should be placed at the center point of the conversational area. You may consider placing it in front of the sofas or chairs for pure comfort. For ensuring that the room looks spacious and broad in appearance, keep your rug free of clutter and furniture. If you are looking for placing furniture on its top due to less space, consider placing the furniture around the rug perimeter only.

Traditional furniture looks best with red oriental carpets. However; the interior decorators have also placed emphasis on leather made furniture to complement the looks of the red carpets. Red rugs are perfect for decoration in traditionally styled homes. The minimal use of furniture will help you in enhancing the appeal of oriental carpets.

For complementing the rich color schemes of the rug, make choice of gold or tan for furnishings. In order to keep the traditional style dominant, make minimum use of patterns. The choice of pure solid colors in accent pillows, table runners and table cloths will provide a perfect combination. Use different textures in order to create a rich feeling.

The wall colors of your room must match the cream colored pile or white pile in your rug. This will help in creating a perfectly natural background. The wall art should be framed in silver or black color and the images must compliment the colors of the rug. Matching your window treatment with your hand made rug is also very important. Few people underestimate the importance of window treatment. You can use red color for window treatment in order to balance out the shades of the red present in the room.

In order to give a different touch, use pairs of candlesticks, lamps or even candle jars. These pairs will communicate a sense of order and develop a touch of elegance in your room. Thus your room will look highly attractive and beautiful.

A red colored flower vase can add dramatic touch to the overall environment. Glass topped tables are also a perfect addition as these allow the visitors to get a sight of the rug through the glass.

Tips to care for your red oriental rug

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